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We’re seeing people coming back time and time again. We've had some digital sales rooms, where people spend two and a half hours in there, especially with late stage enterprise accounts. Once we put proposals and contracts in the room, they’re sharing with their legal teams. We're able to determine their level of engagement based on what pages they looked at in the proposal contract. That’s super cool for us.
Wise Systems, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
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When my prospects - and the people they share the pages with - engage with the content, I get intel on who is looking at what, for how long. This helps me identify stakeholders that are otherwise hidden.
Natalie H.
Enterprise Account Executive
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For us, it’s really being able to pinpoint high impact collateral and share it with our prospects in a very accessible way. It’s also understanding what’s having an impact; what’s getting viewed; and what’s actually leading to won /net new revenue.
Drew Hultgren
Director of Revenue Operations

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