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Before it was a black box. Now I have these trigger points to know when to quickly and briefly reconnect with stakeholders.
Gauthier Philippart
Cofounder and CEO
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Everything is easily organized and intuitive and quick to learn and adapt. I love the insights tab so that I can gauge whether the effort of putting rooms together is working for the deals or not. It's also allowed me to tailor the templates with a more efficient catalog and allows me to see what items our customers are viewing and what they are skipping.
John W.
Solution Engineer
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We would publish new content that people forget or it gets lost in slack. Now we have the data to support a piece of content. We just launched two new case studies and noticed that there was no usage.I can check the numbers, check in with my sales team, and identify communication gaps around new content and how to fix it.
Wise Systems, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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