Mutual Action Plan Software

Keep Your Deals on Track with a Mutual Success Plan

Curate, manage, and track all sales and marketing collateral

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    Forecast Pipeline
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    Accelerate Opportunities
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    Close Deals

Key Benefits of Enable Us Mutual Action Plan for Sales

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Close More Deals

Quickly build professional-looking digital sales rooms that make you stand out from the competition

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Foster Collaboration Between Sellers and Buyers

Align on next steps, confirm stakeholders, and promote communications

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Deliver a Repeatable Sales Process

Use MAP templates to guide sellers consistently through your sales process

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Improve Sales Forecasting

Better predict which deals are on schedule, falling behind, and will likely close

MAPs + Digital Sales Room = A Perfect Match

Combined with our digital sales room software, mutual success plans enable your sellers to successfully guide prospects through the purchase decision-making, customer onboarding, and implementation process smoothly. 

Replace traditional spreadsheets and lost threaded emails with mutual action plan software to:

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    Manage key milestones
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Key Features of Enable Us Mutual Action Plan

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Create Templates

Build custom action plan templates to ensure a repeatable process for each selling situation. 

Templates can be created from scratch or cloned from existing templates for sales deals, close plans, customer onboarding, implementation, and more.

Align on Timelines and Goals

Ensure you’re on the same page with your buyers and customers by:

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    Creating tasks and subtasks
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    Assigning owners
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    Setting key milestones or deadlines
Screenshot of how to assign tasks, owners, etc. in Enable Us Mutual Action Plan software
Screenshot of an email notification regarding an upcoming task from Enable Us Mutual Action Plan

Ensure Accountability

Establish accountability with email notifications to sellers, buyers and customers when tasks are:

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    Coming due
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Track Progress

View the progress of mutual action plans with your prospects or customers:

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    Number of outstanding and completed tasks
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    Tasks with upcoming due dates
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    Overdue tasks
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What Customers
Say About Enable Us

Learn more about their delightful experience

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Providing a great buying experience for large buying committees that makes us, as a company, look better and organized. The mutual action plan also far exceeds the old ways of putting one together on a spreadsheet.
Enterprise User
Account Executive
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The team at Enable [Us] are available to add specific helpful content (mutual action plans, individual pricing documents, Logo backdrops etc.). On top of all of that, I can make 2-3 Digital Sales rooms with Enable [Us] in the same time it takes me to write 1 for Seismic. Hands down, as an AE, I'd rather leverage Enable [Us].
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A great way to progress opportunities! The ability to create a centralized place for not only documents vital to growing awareness but also having the ability to set the mutual steps necessary to implement a mutual activity plan to best guide to close in a predictable fashion.
Mid-Market User

Keep Your Deals on Track with Mutual Action Plan Software