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Enable Us reframes the conversations I have with my sales and executive teams. I can share data on how sellers and buyers are engaging with our content throughout the buying process and make smarter decisions as a result.

Talview Director of Marketing


Searched multiple places for sales content on personal computers, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Jira, and Wiki board
Lacked tracking data and analytics into content effectiveness and usage
Manually requested customer references and testimonials


Sales Content Management

Easily curate, manage, and share sales content and assets via a single location

Digital Sales Rooms

Provide a quick and easy way to build and share on-brand collateral to prospects

Customer Reference Management

Request, review, and approve customer testimonials and references

Seller and Buyer Insights

Quickly evaluate content effectiveness, sales performance, and buyer engagement



sales assets, trainings and videos centralized into a single library


sales, marketing and customer success users onboarded

in 6 months

Tripled company's customer references

Inefficient Content Management for Sales and Marketing 

Talview offers an end-to-end AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution. With a mission to ensure every person can achieve their best career, the company provides organizations with digital tools to make more efficient, informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of their talent, from recruiting to credentialing. Yet, the company’s sales team was unable to find and share content to their customers. 

They needed an easier way to curate and manage marketing collateral for a sales team located in the United States, United Kingdom, and India. At the time, sales collateral was saved on personal computers or in different folders on Google Drive. There was also a Google Sheet, Jira board, and wiki set up to share links to sales collateral. Sales was spending valuable time searching for content, requesting content from marketing, or using outdated collateral. 

According to the Director of Marketing, Talview, “We were seeking a straightforward tool that could be used by our sales teams across several time zones. We needed a single source of truth that all of our stakeholders - sales, customer success, marketing, executives - could use.”

From Content Management to Buyer-Centric Enablement

What it all comes down to is that Enable Us has really been a partner to us. Along with all the enhancements they’ve made based on our feedback, using them as our single source of content has been a success with our sales teams. We’re now extending the digital sales room to be a customer relationship tool with our Customer Success team. - Director of Marketing, Talview

For Talview, Enable Us not only provided a streamlined solution to curate, manage, and share content with sales, but also addressed other needs for the sales and marketing teams. “We quickly discovered that Enable Us was more than a content repository,” explained the marketing director. “For example, Digital Sales Rooms could empower our sales team to create digital experiences with content tailored to our customers’ needs. Instead of sending an email with multiple attachments, our sales reps can send a single link and know when the customer viewed or shared the link. That’s very powerful.” 

Talview’s sales, marketing and customer service teams benefitted from these additional offerings from Enable Us: 

  • Digital Sales Room - The ability to share a piece of content with a prospect and analyze data from those shares, was a significant value proposition. The marketing team gained visibility into who engaged with content, for how long, content gaps, and more. The team could make data-driven decisions on how to improve content. Moreover, the deal room activity integrated with the company’s Salesforce instance, providing sales with more intelligence on prospects. 
  • Customer Reference Management - At the time, the company was aggressively pursuing a Customer Advocacy program. Typically, the process required a 30-60 minute conference call and multiple email exchanges to finalize a single quote. With Enable Us, the customer marketing team could send a single link requesting video, audio or text-based testimonials, and customers could respond at their leisure.
  • Customer Support - Since Talview’s sales team is split across three regions, onboarding sales on a new sales enablement tool required coordination. Enable Us helped the company with training, scheduling across multiple time zones, and implementation. 

Empowering Sales and Marketing

With 40 sales, marketing, and customer success users, Talview now has meaningful insights into the buyer journey, customer experience, and sales onboarding process. “Before Enable Us, we had no insight into how our content was being used by sales, and we were relying solely on sales sentiment,” explained the marketing director. “Enable Us reframes the conversations I have with my sales and executive teams. I can share data on how sellers and buyers are engaging with our content throughout the buying process and make smarter decisions as a result.” 

Because of Enable Us, Talview’s sales team creates digital buying experiences tailored to their customer’s needs and sales journey. Buyers are empowered to navigate the buying journey to make buying decisions. 

Redefine Your Sales and Buyer Enablement with Enable Us