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The team sees Enable Us as a huge component of their deal process. It looks sharp and allows them to gain a good understanding of what their prospect is thinking and engaging with throughout the entire sales cycle. Enable Us is the one-stop-content-shop for our entire organization.

Drew Hultgren
Director of Revenue Operations


Difficulty sharing content with customers who spent most of their time out of the office
Lacked visibility into when customers read and engaged with content
Decentralized content living in the CRM, Google Sheet, Google Drive, and website


Digital Sales Rooms

Create a personalized digital experience to access content from one, single shareable link

Sales Content Management

Easily curate, manage, and share sales content and assets via a single location

CRM Integration

Two-way integration to customize DSRs and write back key moments & create contacts



Reduce sales cycle


Increased conversion rate at top of funnel


Increased responsiveness between sales and prospects


Easily manage, access, and share the right content to the right person at the right time

Unable to Share Content with Customers On the Go

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Propeller Aero is a global SaaS company that operates in the civil construction, earthworks, and mining space. Propeller helps customers track material quantities on job sites and has created a surveying solution that allows its customers to understand how a worksite is progressing as they’re working it in real-time. 

However, Drew Hultgren, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, Propeller Aero, explained, “Many of our customers are extremely busy. They’re out in the field at job sites moving the dirt themselves and are unable to attend meetings or read documents and email attachments. Asking customers to read about our solutions and products on our timeline wasn’t going to work.”

Propeller needed a solution that could easily bring all the relevant content together and enable their customers to review wherever and whenever they were. Propeller turned to Enable Us to provide a digital one-stop-content-shop for customers.

Speeding Up Deal Cycles with a Single Link

Since Enable Us provides buyer-centric enablement solutions, the company’s Digital Sales Room was the perfect solution for Propeller. With a single link, Propeller could send the most up-to-date and relevant content to the customer. “Our customers could easily view content on their mobile phone, without requiring any downloads since everything is embedded,” explained Hultgren. “For prospects, we’ve removed a lot of the barriers as our content is simple, accessible, and accurate. It’s made our process much more efficient and speeds up our deal cycles.”

When selecting a sales enablement platform, another differentiator for Propeller was Enable Us’ ability to integrate with HubSpot in two minutes. Moreover, Enable Us continues to release innovative features, such as easy content bulk uploads, digital sales room templates, and tracking of integrations to the CRM, that has ingrained Enable Us into the company’s sales ecosystem.

Single Source of Truth for All Content

As Propeller continued to integrate Enable Us into its sales processes, the company recognized the value of Enable Us to manage the company’s content. Content was living in the CRM, Google Sheet, and Google Drive and their teams didn’t know what content to use. It was difficult to send, and they had no insights on content engagement.

Enable Us has been an incredible tool to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Now, they have better insights into how prospects are interacting with content via the digital sales room, such as content items viewed, for how long, and by whom. For Propeller, this gives invaluable intelligence to improve the sales process, optimize training, and focus content creation on what will be most successful.

Ultimately, Propeller’s sales team loves the ability to create personalized content. “Enable Us makes it simple for our sales and marketing teams to create customer short-form content and personalized digital sales rooms in minutes. They can record personalized videos, easily screen share resources, and duplicate digital sales rooms, which gives us the opportunity to customize assets quickly and efficiently. It’s been huge for us,” stated Huntgren.

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