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At the end of the day, Enable Us by Mindtickle was ultimately the best choice based on the features, pricing, and ultimately the customer service throughout the sales process.
Andrew Dorcas
Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategy
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Beyond a shadow of doubt, our time to close, using this specific sales enablement platform, is showing incredible results. We are seeing more and more improvement, ultimately time to close from initial contact to getting signed contracts. We’ve closed considerable deals on this and we are measuring the revenue that has come from deals that have been created using the platform.
Andrew Dorcas
Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategy
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Looking at the analytics coming from Enable Us, and that they engage with that content but it doesn't get lost again. That has really helped our sales process as far as speeding it up and kind of keeping the momentum and keeping them in play.
Nicole Pezent
CEO and Co-founder
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The team sees Enable Us as a huge component of their deal process. It looks sharp and allows them to gain a good understanding of what their prospect is thinking and engaging with throughout the entire sales cycle. Enable Us is the one-stop-content-shop for our entire organization.
Drew Hultgren
Director of Revenue Operations
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The Enable Us team listens and moves fast, often taking feedback and incorporating it into their next product release.
Natalie H.
Enterprise Account Executive
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I love that our teams are all on one page, using the most up-to-date content in one centralized place. I love that we are alerted and can see the sharing of documents and proposals across an organization and better understand the complexities of the deal or if a customer has overlooked an important update. Enable Us has been an incredible asset for our internal teams, including sales, product marketing, customer success, and implementation.
Keesa S.