Effortless Customer Onboarding & Training Process

Deliver a Seamless Customer Onboarding Experience

From start to finish, smoothly onboard and train new customers

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Key Benefits of Enable Us Customer Onboarding & Training

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Decrease New Customer Onboarding Time

Keep implementation on track with a consistent and efficient experience for all new customers

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Efficiently Train Customers and Users

Manage, update, and share training materials to ensure quick and effective training for all

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Faster Time to Value

Build better customer relationships with a speedy client onboarding process

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Collaborate, ask questions and share ideas with customers and stakeholders in a single place

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Centralize Customer Information

Ensure everyone on your team has access to the most up-to-date customer details via an online hub

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Optimize Customer Success Operations

View analytics to identify process improvements, build new templates, and implement best practices

Efficient Customer Training and Onboarding Process

The Enable Us Customer Onboarding & Training Room makes the customer onboarding process easier for everyone.

Empower your CS team to:

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    Build, share, and track personalized rooms
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    Provide up-to-date product information and training
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    Identify and prioritize customers for additional training/support
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    Key Features of Enable Us Client Onboarding & Training

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    Easily Build Rooms from Templates

    Create a repeatable customer onboarding process with room templates.

    Your customer success team selects from several layouts and design templates tailored to:

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      The onboarding and training process
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      Use case and more

    Create Action Plans and Templates

    From start to finish, smoothly onboard and train your new customers quickly, on-time, and consistently with action plans:

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      Key milestones
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    Create plan templates to fit various use cases - onboarding, training, implementation, and more - to ensure consistent, high-quality delivery every time.

    Screenshot of how to use mutual action plans within Enable Us Customer Onboarding and Training product
    Screenshot of a personalized room using Enable Us Customer Onboarding and Training product

    Customize Rooms to Your Brand and Messaging

    Your Customer Success team can configure rooms with:

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      A welcome video
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      Support contact information
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      Other valuable resources
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      Default header banners
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      Corporate brand colors and fonts
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      Icons and more

    View Onboarding and Training Room Analytics

    Customer Success teams now have a better way to identify and prioritize customers for more support based on in-depth room analytics and user engagement:

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      Room visitors
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      Number of visits per content
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      Time engaged
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      Content views and how long
    Screenshot of analytics and insights with Enable Us Customer Onboarding and Training
    Screenshot of how to share a room with a single link with Enable Us

    Share with a Single Link

    Create and share a room link with your customers. No matter how often you update your onboarding and training room, these links remain evergreen.

    Your customers and users can easily find information and training materials, while bringing new users up to speed.

    Engage Customers and Users

    Keep the client onboarding and training on track by providing timely responses to your new customers. Get email or slack notifications when customers:

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      Interact with your onboarding and training room
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      Share the room
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      Ask questions
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      Complete tasks
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      And much more
    Screenshot of chats with customers using Enable Us Customer Onboarding and Training product
    Illustration of using eSignatures with Enable Us

    Secure Electronic Signatures

    Ensure all onboarding documents, such as SOWs, project sign offs, and more, are processed with the ability to create, share, and digitally sign documents:

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      Designate signers
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      Add default field for company, signature, and more
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      Securely view and sign documents by verified signers
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      Get notified of key milestones
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      Gain transparency during document signing process

    Integrate with Your Key Tools

    Integrate our rooms into your existing customer success process:

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      Log customer engagement activity automatically into your CRM
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      Insert room links into email messages or customer sequences with the Chrome extension
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      Add onboarding or training recordings from your meeting platform
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      Include a link to your online scheduling tool
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      And much more
    Illustration of how Enable Us integrated with sales and marketing tools

    What Customers
    Say About Enable Us

    Learn more about their delightful experience

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    Enable Us empowers us to design engaging, personalized customer experiences from the top of the funnel to implementation and ongoing support.
    TRUCE Software, Director of Marketing
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    Game changer for our onboarding and customer success initiatives. It has been incredibly helpful to be able to track room visits and resource views. You can even see how much of a video someone watched. This helps us better understand what resources are most consumed, and also follow-up with customers who have not accessed important materials.
    Jenifer L.
    Director of Customer Success
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    Great for sales and onboarding! It was a straightforward setup that led to a quick turnaround from our first log-in to when potential customers started viewing the page. I additionally really like that it provides a seamless transition from sales to onboarding using the same platform and additional features.
    Heather P.
    Head of Customer Success

    Boost Customer Satisfaction with a Faster Onboarding & Training Process