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A digital sales room (DSR) is an online microsite that sellers customize to share sales content with buyers for a personalized B2B buying experience.

A digital sales room (DSR) is an online microsite that sellers customize to share sales content with buyers for a personalized B2B buying experience. 

Salespeople personalize the DSR with sales collateral based on the prospect’s current buying journey and needs. This may include proposals, testimonials, case studies, previously recorded demos, white papers, and even welcome videos recorded by a sales rep. The rooms are shared with a single, evergreen link that enables prospects to easily access, view, watch, and engage with the content. 

“Digital Sales Rooms provide salespeople with a customer-facing digital portal that can be used to share relevant marketing content, chat with clients, and craft custom proposals with prospective buyers. These solutions remove any buyer friction and allow salespeople to streamline proposals by keeping all relevant proposal information in one convenient location. Within the digital portal, customers can ask questions about certain pieces of content, and also sign proposals. Additionally, sellers can track content that clients view and interact with, which can indicate which content is driving the most impact." - G2 Crowd

Essentially, DSRs make it easier for buyers to efficiently navigate the buying process. Prospects easily access all information housed in the virtual room, while ensuring each key stakeholder involved in the decision process is consistently in the know.

For sales professionals, they gain real-time information about buyer behavior. With each click made by buyers, data is captured—creating valuable insights into what content the buyer views and how long they view it. Sellers can then make smarter decisions on what to share in the room to further move all buyers through the buying journey

Why should B2B sales use a virtual sales room?

B2B buying behavior is changing. According to Gartner, sales reps today have just about 5% of a B2B buyer's time before they make a purchase. But before a buyer even connects with a salesperson, it’s likely they’ve already led 17-27 information-gathering interactions. 

Forrester stat: buyers have 17-27 info gathering interactions before connecting with sales

Both sellers and buyers want to make this process better, easier and faster. In fact, based on research by McKinsey & Company, 70% of business decision-makers are open to self-service or remote buying that exceeds $50,000. It’s found that 27% percent of them would be willing to make purchases over $500,000.

Sellers can maximize their engagements with buyers at an early stage in the process by  providing bespoke customer experiences. 

Digital sales rooms are efficient since they align with how buyers interact with each other throughout the sales process. According to Gartner, customers often loop, meaning they’re involved in the process of visiting different channels multiple times during their journey. 

Virtual sales rooms simplify the navigation through various channels by supplying an environment that allows buyers to locate the content they need when they need it.

How does the Enable Us Digital Sales Room Software benefit sales?

Ranked as a leader in the digital sales room category for 3 quarters in a row by G2 Crowd, the Enable Us virtual sales room offering makes it easier for sales to communicate, collaborate, and respond to buyers via a single, online microsite.

Here are a few ways our digital sales room offering supports B2B sales. 

Deliver a Professional, Digital-First Buying Experience for Buyers: Sales can easily build and deliver unique online experiences based on each prospect’s needs. Each room can be tailored with the buyer’s logo, curated sales content (e.g., product demo, customer testimonials, and more), and a pre-recorded welcome video from the seller. There is an image library of approved banners and thumbnails to ensure that the sales team is using on-brand assets. 

Per McKinsey's research, even incremental personalization efforts can yield a competitive advantage. In fact, companies can grow revenue up to 40% faster with personalization than those who don’t.

Sample Digital Sales Room powered by Enable Us

Simplify Communications Between Seller and Buyer: Most communications happen via email with attachments, which can be easily lost in an inbox or multi-thread email chain. With an Enable Us virtual sales room, all important sales content and communications are now available via a single, online microsite. This reduces the back and forth, simplifies the content sharing process, and increases the overall buying process for both seller and prospects.  

Align and Collaborate on a Mutual Success Plan: Once a sale deal has reached a certain stage, it’s important to keep the deal on track. Our digital sales rooms incorporate a mutual actions plan to enable sales reps and prospects to partner on key milestones, dates, and owners to move the process forward. This streamlines the entire process as sellers communicate, collaborate and partner with key decision makers every step of the way. 

Sample Mutual Action Plan screenshot powered by Enable Us

Respond Faster to Buyer’s Needs with In-Depth Buyer Engagement Insights: We provide sales reps with in-depth buyer insights and content analytics. They can view the buyer’s interactions and level of engagement, gaining insight into which resources and content resonate well with that prospect. 

For example, if a rep notices a buyer routinely views customer testimonials but tends to gloss over sales decks, they can share more testimonials to keep the buyer engaged. And with real-time email or Slack notifications, sales is more responsive to prospects’ questions and needs. In fact, using customer behavior insights enables organizations to outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and over 25% in gross margin.

Screenshot -Seller and Buyer Insights from Enable Us

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Here’s what our customers have to say

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"By setting up Enable Us rooms, we are able to cut down on the volume of emails, texts, and other channels we used in the path to share details and media, which often resulted in prospects having difficulty returning to the things they wanted to review. It also has helped us identify which marketing materials are most compelling, when before we had to rely on scarce self-reporting from prospects." - Eric H.
"Our team loves having one place for our prospects to find information. There is no more sifting through email, having our proposals get lost, and resending documents we've already shared." - Verified User in Computer Software
"Enable Us allows me to follow up with my prospects and benefits me greatly as I am organized and present my story in a way that impresses my prospects and clients." - Yuval S., CEO and Founder
An arrow in navigating the buying cycle - Enable is designed for speed. Easy-to-use front end allows Sales teams to quickly create a customized room for buyers while meeting follow-up SLAs. Personalizing with video messages is a quick way to share updates. The analytics are critical for identifying potential friction points and opportunities to clarify. Enable worked with us to develop joint action plans in the platform - helping to solidify buying cadence activities. - Megan S., Director of Sales

Digital Sales Rooms - An Integral Part of the Sales Tech Stack

Digital sales rooms (DSRs) are the modern sales experience your buyers have been waiting for.  Many stakeholders are involved with key purchasing decisions, which means there are more opinions that impact the process. Now, buyers have access to greater information than ever before.

“Sales organizations must be able to sell to customers everywhere the customer expects to engage, interact and transact with suppliers” - Gartner

The digital sales room has simplified the selling process for sellers and buyers alike. In a world where buyers connect worldwide, both parties must have their own space for engaging conversation and content-rich experiences. Digital sales rooms bridge these gaps, making buying and selling easier than ever before. 

With the ability for today’s buyers to access multiple online channels, collaborate with many   stakeholders, and utilize more customized touchpoints, the buyer journey is no longer a linear process. Sellers must connect with buyers in a streamlined fashion to deliver unique, distinct experiences every time. Digital sales rooms are the place to do that.  

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