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Digital Sales Rooms: Build Personalized B2B Buying Experiences to Engage Prospects

Did you know that sales reps have just about 5% of a B2B buyer's time before a buyer makes a purchase? And before a buyer even connects with a salesperson, it’s likely they’ve already led 17-27 information-gathering interactions!

Graphic - Forrester stats - 17-27 information interactions that buyers have before connecting with sales

According to Salesforce, State of Sales, 5th Edition, 2023, “Buyers are looking for sales reps to meet them wherever they are, regardless of channel: ecommerce platforms, social media networks, and personal assistants. Buyers then expect sales reps to act as sophisticated, trusted advisors. Organizations connect with buyers on an average of 10 channels.” 

Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales transactions will be conducted through a digital channel by 2025. This is because customers seek more autonomy in their buying decisions. 

Both sellers and buyers want to make this process better, easier and faster. In fact, based on research by McKinsey & Company, 70% of business decision-makers are open to self-service or remote buying that exceeds $50,000. It’s found that 27% percent of them would be willing to make purchases over $500,000.

Digital sales room software (DSR) is a technology that can help sellers meet buyers where they are in the buyer’s journey. A digital sales room helps you rethink buyer enablement by creating a continuous demand cycle that blends virtual sales calls with the self-service-driven digital experience customers are looking for.

The Solution - Invest in Virtual Sales Room Software 

In our own DSR research, we determined that digital sales rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed than just an email. With the level of engagement and insights that DSRs provide to sales organizations, it’s no wonder that Gartner has highlighted this as a critical part of the sales tech stack.

Graphic - Digital Sales Rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed by prospects than an email

By investing in DSRs, sales representatives are empowered to:

  • Share hyper-relevant content related to the deal and prospect’s needs
  • Capture buyer engagement insights
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders involved in the purchase decision making process
  • Provide a single source of truth for the entire process between sellers and buyers

That’s why we pulled together the Essential Guide for Digital Sales Rooms ebook:

  • Introduction: Why B2B Sales Should Use Virtual Sales Rooms
  • What is a Digital Sales Room
  • The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Digital Sales Room
  • Case Study: Propeller Aero Speeds Sales Cycle with Digital Sales Room
  • 7 Features to Consider for Digital Sales Room Software
  • Digital Sales Room - An Integral Part of the Sales Tech Stack
  • Infographic: The Digital Sales Room Buyer’s Cheat Sheet

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