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Why Enable Us is the Best Digital Sales Room Software

This article highlights the 7 key features you should consider when evaluating DSR software and whether Enable Us is the right solution for your needs.

Must Have Digital Sales Room Software Features

In our blog, Why Use a Digital Sales Room for B2B Sales?, we highlighted the top 10 benefits of digital sales rooms (DSR) for sales.

Now, you’re ready to augment your sales technology with a virtual sales room solution, but how do you select the best offering for your sales team? In this post, we walk through the 7 key features you should consider when evaluating DSR software and whether Enable Us is the right solution for your needs:

  1. Easily Build Digital Sales Rooms
  2. Quickly Find and Share Content
  3. Collaborate with Mutual Action Plan
  4. Share with a Single, Persistent Link
  5. Gain Seller and Buyer Insights
  6. Close Deals Faster with eSignatures and Templates
  7. Integrate with Key Sales Tools and CRMs

Easily Build Digital Sales Rooms

Per McKinsey's research, even incremental personalization efforts can yield a competitive advantage. In fact, companies can grow revenue up to 40% faster with personalization than those who don’t.

While providing a bespoke online experience based on the prospect’s needs is valuable, the process for creating these personalized experiences must be easy for sales. Questions to consider are:

  • Update rooms with brand-compliant images - How do sales select pre-approved banners, thumbnails and icons? If an image is updated, will it automatically be updated in the rooms?
  • Add personalized content - Can sales add a text-, audio-, or video-based welcome message? What type of sales actions can be added?
  • Clone or build rooms from templates - Can you clone a high-performing room or provide room templates for sales to use? 

Enable Us includes native audio and video recording capabilities, reducing the number of tools sales uses for delivering a tailored experience. 

Screenshot of Digital Sales Room template
Enable Us Digital Sales Room - room templates

Quickly Find and Share Content

“Sales reps spend an average of 440 hours each year trying to find the right content to share with their prospects and customers” - G2 Blog

Our blog, What is Sales Content Management Software, highlighted that sales spend less time finding and sharing content with buyers with sophisticated search and filtering capabilities. When evaluating a digital room offering, consider the following:

  • Easily discover and curate content - How easily can sales search and find content tailored to the prospect, such as by industry, use case, sales stage, persona and more?
  • Search and filter content - what criteria is being used for keyword search, such as title, description, full transcript, other? How dynamic is the filtering functionality to help users navigate and find the right content? How intuitive is the search and filtering capabilities for users?
  • View search results - how can you sort content, such as by shares, views, last updated, downloads, etc?

Enable Us provides advanced search capabilities that not only looks through title and description, but also full transcripts of text, audio, and video-based assets. Users can filter results based on content attributes tailored to your organization and select top-performing content with a snapshot of content shares, views, and more.

Enable Us content search and filtering screenshot
Enable Us - Sales content search and filter

Align and Collaborate with Prospects with a Mutual Action Plan

Once a sales deal has reached a certain stage, it’s important to keep the deal on track. A spreadsheet-based mutual action plan or project plan can quickly get out of sync with regard to completed or overdue tasks and assignments. Augmenting a digital sales room with a digital mutual success plan further supports sales during the sales process.

Determine if the virtual sales software provides the following:

  • Build Mutual Action Plan templates - What functionality is there to save and clone mutual action plans?
  • Create and assign tasks and subtasks - How easy is it to create tasks and add subtasks, assign owners, and add deadlines?
  • Receive task status and notifications- What type of notifications are provided for completed or overdue tasks? How can sales visually see the progress of mutual action plans for deals?

With Enable Us, our digital sales rooms incorporate a mutual action plan to enable sales reps and prospects to partner on key milestones, dates, and owners to move the process forward. This streamlines the entire process as sellers communicate, collaborate, and partner with key decision makers every step of the way.

Screenshot of Enable Us Mutual Action Plan
Enable Us Mutual Action Plan

Share and Collaborate with a Single, Persistent Link 

The current buying experience is poor for both sellers and buyers, requiring back and forth via emails and calls. For example: 

  • How many times does the prospect ask sales to resend the original email or the response to a previous question?
  • What attachments did sales send and did it address the buyer’s persona, stage, industry, etc?
  • How often do new stakeholders enter the process and have to be caught up on what’s been shared?

Unlike an email inbox, digital sales rooms are a persistent, online portal for interactive sales collateral and conversations related to the prospective purchase. Instead of shifting through numerous email chains to find a single attachment or response to a question, the ability to share an evergreen link to the room makes it easier for sellers and buyers throughout the buying process.

Key features to consider: 

  • Create and share persistent links - What happens to the link if you update or add more content into the digital sales room? Do you have to resend the link to your prospect(s)?
  • Send a single link to multiple prospects - how does the tracking work if a single link is sent to multiple email recipients?
  • Set and receive real-time notifications - what type of notifications are sent when a prospect visits or shares a digital sales room? How are these notifications delivered?

With an Enable Us Digital Sales Room offering, all important sales content and communications are now available via a single, online microsite. This reduces the back and forth, simplifies the content sharing process, and improves the overall buying process for both seller and prospects.

Beyond making it easier for your buyers, a single, evergreen link keeps your data and analytics intact, which we’ll cover in more detail in the next section. 

Screenshot of Enable Us share room link
Share a room with a single link

Gain Seller and Buyer Insights

Currently, sellers send emails with multiple attachments to buyers. While sellers can see when an email is “opened” or link “clicked”, there’s minimal visibility as to what was read, for how long, and if the email was forwarded. We call this the black hole of buyer analytics. 

  • Did the email recipient truly review the documents?
  • Did the person forward the email? If so, to whom and what is their role?

With a virtual sales room, you now know if prospects are clicking on the links and reviewing the content with in-depth analytics on visits, views, shares, and more. This provides insight into how engaged your prospects are during the buying process. In addition to buyer analytics, you also gain insights into how sellers are effectively using DSRs to engage their buyers, which deals are progressing or stalling, and which deals are at risk. 

When evaluating digital sales room software, keep both seller and buyer analytics in mind:

  • Get seller-specific insights - Are you able to segment data by individual, sales team, or region for sales performance analysis? How many virtual rooms have been created and what percentage of deals have rooms? 
  • View and analyze buyer-specific insights - what type of buyer engagement stats are available such as what buyers click, view and share? When rooms are shared, does the DSR platform automatically enrich data with full name, title, phone, LinkedIn profile, and more?
  • Access room analytics dashboard - Can you access an at-a-glance view of room visitors, number of visits per contact, and time engaged? What type of content engagement stats are available such as which content is viewed, which pages or slides were viewed, or how much time spent on each page, video or presentation? 

Unlike some providers, Enable Us provides in-depth room insights on both seller and buyer engagement and behavior. We provide sales reps with comprehensive buyer and content analytics. They can view the buyer’s interactions and level of engagement, gaining visibility into which resources and content resonate well with that prospect.

This enables sales to better forecast and prioritize opportunities based on recent buyer activity. With our at-a-glance dashboards, sales leaders can review individual performance, identify trends of what’s working, and uncover coaching/training opportunities.

For example, if a rep notices a buyer routinely views customer testimonials but tends to gloss over sales decks, they can share more testimonials to keep the buyer engaged. And with real-time email or Slack notifications, sales is more responsive to prospects’ questions and needs. In fact, using customer behavior insights enables organizations to outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and over 25% in gross margin.

Screenshot of Enable Us Digital Sales Room analytics
Enable Us room analytics

Close Deals Faster with eSignatures and Templates

Whether it’s a NDA, SOW, or contract, you want to ensure that document signing doesn’t slow down deals. Yet, the signing process hits a roadblock. Documents have to be signed to a third-party tool or require wet signatures. If signing digitally, only certain individuals have access to the online document signing software and providing licenses to every sales person is cost prohibitive. 

By offering native or integration with eSignature tools within the DSR, the process can be streamlined, enabling sales to create and share documents to be securely signed. 

  • Create and configure signable documents - How easily can default fields for company, signature, date signed and more be added to a document? Can signable documents be created from a template?
  • Ensure verified signers - What is the process to ensure only verified individuals can securely view and add digital signatures? What access is provided once a document is signed? 
  • Get notifications -  What type of notifications are provided during the document signing process, such as document viewed, signed or completed?

With our digital sales room, eSignatures functionality comes standard with our digital sales room software. Sales organizations have one less sales tool to purchase and can ensure a consistent process with signature templates.

Integrate with Key Sales Tools and CRMs

Syncing the digital sales room tool with your CRM and sales tools eases the sales process for building sales rooms for deals and key contacts. Because digital sales rooms capture invaluable deal data and activity, this information can sync with your existing platforms for forecasting and reporting purposes. Content and recordings from third-party platforms can also be imported into the virtual room to ensure a single place for all deal content. 

  • Sync data with out-of-the-box CRM integration- Which CRMs are supported? How are activities, contacts, and accounts/organizations synced?
  • Integrate with other sales tools - Which sales tools can be integrated with the platform? What information is synced with the digital sales room?

Our digital sales room can tap into your existing sales process and tools. With our Chrome extension, room links can be inserted into email messages or CRM sequences. Get a full picture of your prospects with all engagement activity automatically logged into your CRM, easily add demo recordings from your meeting platform, include a link to your online scheduling tool, and more. Learn more about our digital sales room integrations.

Image of Enable Us Integrations

Transparent Digital Sales Room Pricing

Enable Us offers transparent pricing for our seller and buyer enablement platform. We offer three tiers with flexible payment options (monthly or receive a 29% discount with annual):

  • Starter Plan - Starting as low as $25 per user/month (annual plan pricing), this is ideal for small businesses with up to 5 user licenses. In addition to key digital sales room features, you also get our powerful sales content management software and access to comprehensive content, seller, and buyer analytics. 
  • Growth Plan - For growing companies, this plan starts as low as $50 per user / month (annual plan pricing). In addition to everything in the Starter Plan, Growth subscribers benefit with key CRM and video conferencing tool integrations, eSignatures, and mutual action plan capabilities. 
  • Enterprise Plan - for larger organizations with more bespoke needs, our Enterprise Plan includes everything in the Growth plan and a custom delivery domain name, customer reference management, and customer integrations. Contact Sales for pricing

We’re also unique in the industry by offering a 14-day free trial to experience the process for building and sharing a digital sales room. 

Digital Sales Room Leader According to G2 Crowd

For the past four quarters, Enable Us has been recognized as a leading digital sales room provider by G2 Crowd, the world’s largest tech marketplace and on a quarterly basis, recognizes top-performing software companies based on over 1.7M authentic customer reviews. 

  • Digital Sales Room Leader for 4 quarters
  • Digital Sales Room Momentum Leader for 2 quarters

As of Q1 2023, we’ve processed over $6 billion of deals across 17,000 plus digital sales rooms on our platform. Per our customers, they have experienced sales deals closing 20-40% faster since using Enable Us. 

Schedule a demo with us to learn how Enable Us Digital Sales Room can help your business grow.

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