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Product News: Real-time Slack Notifications and Enriched Buyer Profiles

Enable Us product enhancements. Real-time Slack notifications and enriched buyer profiles.

Product News is our regular update into new product enhancements to make the buying experience easier and better for sellers, buyers and customers. 

Slack Notifications on Room Visits, Shares, and Engagement

If you’re in sales, you never know what happens after you send a prospect an email with attachments. That’s why digital sales rooms have become an integral part of the sales process. Email notifications alert sales when prospects access a room and provide additional visibility into the content buyers viewed and shared. Yet, not every salesperson is monitoring their inbox. 

That’s why we integrated with Slack, providing sales teams even more visibility when prospects visit and interact with digital sales rooms. You can determine which type of alerts to receive and to which channel.

Enable Us is available via the Slack App Directory

Enable Us and Slack Integration for notifications
Enable Us - configure Slack notifications

Clearbit Integration: Enrich Room Visitor Profiles 

Today, when a buyer or customer forwards your email, you have no transparency into who received it and their role. Since you can require new visitors to provide their email addresses when visiting a digital sales room, we can augment their profiles with data from Clearbit. This may include full name, job title, phone number, company name, LinkedIn URL, and photo. In case a room doesn’t require an email, we may be able to provide the company name based on the IP address. 

This gives your sales team even more intelligence on potential influencers and decision makers during the buying process.

Enable Us and enriched visitor profile information
Enable Us - Enrich room visitor information with Clearbit data

Personalize Rooms with Company Logos

Sales can personalize a digital sales room with a prospect’s corporate logo. With our Clearbit integration, sales no longer has to spend time finding the right logo to use. Enter the company name, select a company from the drop down menu, and simply add the right logo to the room.

Enable Us and Clearbit integration

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