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Product News: Native eSignatures, Signable Document Templates, and Image Gallery

Consolidate sales tools and ensure brand consistency with native eSignatures, signature document templates, and image gallery from Enable Us.

Product News is our regular update into new product enhancements to make the B2B buying experience easier and better for sellers, buyers and customers. 

In speaking with our customers, we know that they’re seeking to do more with less and drive efficiency in their sales processes. However, the average salesperson juggles up to 10 tools. No wonder many sales organizations are seeking to consolidate their tech stack.

That’s why our product development philosophy focuses on creating a single ecosystem that enables our customers to access their key sales and marketing tools from a central place. Moreover, we evaluated ways to drive what we term GTM empowerment - driving efficiency by automating and optimizing existing sales and marketing processes. 

Here are our recent releases that support our efforts to deliver an all-in-one seller and buyer enablement platform that achieves these goals.

Native eSignatures and Signature Document Templates 

Enable Us offers native eSignatures and signable document templates

Sales want to close deals quickly with the ability to create, share, and securely sign documents digitally. However, the signing process hits a roadblock. Sales is unable to initiate the process since only certain individuals have access to the online document signing software. Yet, providing licenses to every sales person is cost prohibitive. 

This prolongs the overall process as buyers wait to receive, review and sign documents. 

That’s why we introduced native eSignatures functionality and eSignature document templates, including: 

  • Ability to add signers and other autofill fields to each document
  • Only verified signers can securely view and sign documents digitally
  • Proactive notifications for more transparency into the entire document signing process
  • Ability to create templates for your most commonly used signature documents, such as NDAs

Since eSignatures comes standard with our sales enablement and digital sales room platform, sales organizations have one less sales tool to purchase and can ensure a consistent process with signature templates.

Image Gallery: Ensure Consistent Brand and Messaging

Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) have streamlined how sales can easily share sales content with prospects via a single, persistent link. Since DSRs are a reflection of your corporate branding and messaging, our customers want to ensure the most up-to-date messaging is presented to prospects. 

That’s why we’re introducing image gallery, a central place to manage a standard set of brand compliant images that can be used:

  • to update banners in digital sales rooms/ DSR templates, 
  • as cover images for assets in the content library or DSRs, and 
  • room thumbnails when sharing a room with prospects. 
Enable Us - Manage on-brand images and messaging with Image Gallery

The sales content or platform administrator can upload new images or remove any of the pre-loaded images for users to select. When any image is updated in the image gallery, the updated image will automatically populate across all your rooms, assets, and thumbnails using that asset. 

Maintaining on-brand messaging and images is easier than ever with Enable Us.

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