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Product News: Gong Integration

Easily share your Gong recordings with prospects and customers with Enable Us.

Easily Share Gong Recordings with Your Customers

You’ve just finished a meeting or product demo with a prospect and they’ve asked for a recording. A digital sales room makes it easy for you to share content, such as collateral, presentations, and videos. Instead of downloading and uploading the file, you can now easily share your Gong recordings with our new integration:

  • View your list of recordings;
  • Select the desired recording; and 
  • Instantly share it with your potential customers.
Add Gong recordings to Enable Us

Added benefit is gaining actionable insights into how buyers and customers view your content, their engagement, and shares. 

In addition to Gong, we also have integrations with Zoom, Teams, and RingCentral. 

Learn more about our integrations or install this from the Gong directory.

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