September 14, 2022
Galen Li

Product News: Docusign and Embeddable Content

In a recession, buyers are much more hesitant to purchase. Learn how to overcome some of the most common B2B buying objections.

Product News is our regular update into new product enhancements to make the buying experience easier and better for sellers, buyers and customers. 

DocuSign Integration: Easily Add, Share, and Sign Documents

DocuSign Integration. - Add, Share, and Sign Documents within a Digital Sales Room

The good news. Your deal is in the late stages and your buyer is ready to sign. The bad news? You’re going through your email looking for the DocuSign link or sharing an attachment back and forth. 

That’s the benefit of our digital sales room software, which acts as a single point of reference between your sellers and prospects - product demos, presentations, mutual action plans, and more. 

Now, with our DocuSign integration, contracts and documents are also available in the digital sales room. Securely add, share and download contracts and documents, ensuring that sales opportunities close quickly and easily. 

Augment Content Library with Embeddable Content 

Enable Us - Add Content view a URL or Embed Code

Marketing and sales enablement organizations develop, distribute and share multiple types of content. While much of this can be uploaded into Enable Us, sometimes it’s easier to embed the content instead. 

With our embeddable content capabilities, we’ve expanded the breadth and type of content that can be shared with your sellers and customers. Content owners have more flexibility to add content from other solutions, such as Loom, YouTube, surveys, and more, with a URL or by embedding the code into our platform.