Virtual Selling

Technology Tools for B2B Virtual Selling Success

Virtual selling is the new normal. Here are some of the essential tools and technologies required for success.

B2B Virtual Selling, the New Normal

Virtual selling is here to stay, not just for consumers, but also for B2B transactions in the enterprise space, SMB businesses, and organizations of all sizes. Many buyers and sellers alike prefer to interact digitally in the wake of the global pandemic, as opposed to returning to more traditional modes of interaction.

Approximately 80% of customers say they prefer virtual selling. - The Center for Sales Strategy
The Center for Sales Strategy Stat Image - 80% of customers say they prefer virtual selling

Among the top factors driving the increased preference for virtual selling in B2B markets are convenience, ease of scheduling, and travel cost savings. Research published by Hubspot reports 63% of sales leaders believe virtual sales meetings have become equally or more effective than traditional, face-to-face meetings.

HubSpot stat - 63% of sales leaders believe that virtual meetings are just as good or more effective than face-to-face meetings

The B2B buyer’s journey had already moved online prior to Covid, with hours of research into digital content to evaluate services and products before interacting with any sales professional. The global pandemic accelerated the process tremendously, moving to multiple digital touchpoints and online meetings as the new normal.

This transition shows no signs for slowing, much less reversing to more traditional B2B face-to-face sales patterns.

Standing Out of the Virtual Crowd

To overcome the noise of new, global competitors, B2B digital sales and virtual sellers need to find creative ways to connect with their customers on a more personal level. This might involve using video conferencing or live chat tools to have more interactive conversations, or leveraging social media platforms to share behind-the-scenes glimpses into their business and build a sense of community with their followers.

Ultimately, no matter how skilled your sales team, virtual selling requires new technologies and training in best practices for their use. Communication platforms are largely in place already. Here are some of the additional essential software tools to empower a sales team, improve customer engagement, and boost success rates.

Digital Sales Rooms

A digital sales room is a private, secure, online microsite. It serves as an evergreen resource that streamlines the buyer journey and reduces friction in the B2B purchasing process. A digital sales room simplifies the seller and buyer experience with a centralized location for easy access to content, stakeholders, and communications, accelerating the decision making process.

For potential buyers, digital sales rooms provide convenient access to the latest information about products, pricing, promotions, and contracts. These persistent virtual rooms help sales teams close more deals by enabling buyers to easily share information with key decision makers and make more informed decisions.

Sales Content Management

Sales Content Management is a system that allows marketing and sales teams to manage and organize marketing collateral and sales content in a centralized location. It helps salespeople easily locate and make use of the most current and appropriate content. 

By establishing a single source of truth, or content library, Sales Content Management helps sales professionals become more successful. It can also improve productivity. Too many sales professionals spend significant amounts of time on non-selling activities, including searching for up-to-date content.

Mutual Action Plan

A Mutual Action Plan (MAP) is a shared document that outlines the goals, objectives, and actions that both the B2B buyer and seller will take to move a deal forward. A MAP helps align both parties on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, ensuring everyone is on the same page, working toward the same goal.

By fostering buyer-seller collaboration, a B2B Mutual Action Plan helps sales professionals close deals faster by accelerating opportunities. They also create a repeatable process and provide management with a significantly higher confidence in pipeline forecasts.

Customer Testimonials Tools

People or companies that are willing to share positive feedback or stories about your products, services, or their overall customer experience are a goldmine for future sales. These professionals are the ones who are much more likely to spread a positive word about your brand.

B2B Customer References tools allow these customers to provide text, audio, or even video testimonials at their convenience via an online portal which can then be used by your company’s marketing and sales teams. 

Seller and Buyer Insights

Everyone knows the value of sales enablement and content analytics in today’s B2B marketplace. Superior business intelligence allows organizations to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on gut instinct and anecdotal evidence.

Buyer and seller insights help organizations gain a better understanding of their customers’ behaviors and preferences. This allows businesses to make better decisions about how to market and sell their products and/or services. These analytics can also help organizations identify best practices, discover new opportunities for growth, streamline their sales processes, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

B2B Virtual Selling is Here to Stay

While virtual selling may require new technologies and a different approach than traditional face-to-face sales, it offers a wealth of benefits to businesses that are willing to adapt and embrace these new B2B digital sales tools. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by virtual selling, companies of all sizes can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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