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Why Use a Digital Sales Room for B2B Sales

Digital sales rooms, an online space where sellers and buyers connect and collaborate on a B2B purchase, is a must have sales tool in 2023. Here’s why.

B2B buyers expect sellers to meet them wherever they are online. With a virtual sales room, a seller provides an online portal that enables B2B buyers to locate the content they need when they need it, simplifying the buying process.

Sales reps also gain visibility into every step of the purchase journey, empowering sales reps to provide information precisely when it’s needed.

“Buyers are looking for sales reps to meet them wherever they are, regardless of channel: ecommerce platforms, social media networks, and personal assistants. Buyers then expect sales reps to act as sophisticated, trusted advisors. Organizations connect with buyers on an average of 10 channels.” - Salesforce, State of Sales, 5th Edition, 2023

Digital sales rooms are 3x more likely to be viewed by prospects than an email alone stat by Enable Us

Here are the top reasons why sales organizations should use a virtual sales room as part of their sales process:

1. Provide prospects with a personalized buying experience 

The digital sales room can be tailored to the prospect, such as the prospect’s corporate logo, a recorded video greeting from the salesperson, and sales content pertinent to the prospect.

2. Keep prospects engaged

A virtual room can be used as part of the overall sales strategy. For example, if a prospect hasn’t reviewed an asset added to the room, the seller can do more targeted outreach inquiring about the asset. 

3. Discover buyers’ needs and pain points

With the in-depth insights into a buyer’s interactions, a salesperson can better pinpoint the buyer’s level of interest and purchase intent. For example, if prospects spend more time on a product video or pricing page, they may have questions about the product or pricing. 

4. Build trust with prospects

Sellers are able to meet buyers where they are with a virtual sales room, which centralizes all sales content and conversations via a personalized, digital-first buying experience. Since salespersons are more responsive to the buyer’s needs and provide relevant information accordingly, sellers are viewed as trusted advisors by prospects. 

5. Respond faster to prospects’ needs

Digital sales rooms provide real-time Slack or email notifications on a buyer’s activity, such as comments, room shares, and more. A seller can quickly respond, keeping all conversation threads within the virtual room. 

6. Offer a secure, online space for all collaboration 

A DSR offers a central, secure location for prospects to engage with sellers and get the answers they seek without having to go on a scavenger hunt. 

7. Identify new contacts on the buying committee 

With 6-10 decision makers in the B2B buying process, a digital sales room captures when a room has been shared and to whom. In the case of our Digital Sales Room software, we further enrich the contact’s information with a LinkedIn link, phone number, and other information when available. Sellers now have better insight into the buying committee and their prospective role in the decision making process. 

Gartner Stat: 6-10 decision makers in the B2B buying process

8. Deliver a more consistent sales process 

Since a digital sales room can be cloned or templated based on the sales process (e.g. persona, deal stage, industry), sales can build, personalize, and share rooms that are aligned with the buyer’s needs and stage in the purchasing journey. Digital sales room software streamlines the buying process, enabling sales to close more deals. 

9. Increase sales capacity 

Sales spend up to 30 hours a month looking for content. Instead of spending time searching for content to share, the salesperson selects the right room template, adds some finishing touches, and sends them to prospects. With this saved time, sales can focus their time on sales opportunities, which can lead to more deals worked and closed.  

10. Prioritize engaged prospects to accelerate sales deals

Beyond shortening the sales cycle, a digital sales room enables your team to weed out lost deals quickly while prioritizing those more likely to close. In turn, sales leaders can forecast pipelines more accurately and consistently. 

Digital Sales Rooms are a Must for B2B Sales in 2023

Image: Digital Sales Rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed by prospects than an email per Enable Us

In our own virtual sales room research, we determined that digital sales rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed than just an email. With the level of engagement and insights that DSRs provide to sales organizations, it’s no wonder that Gartner has highlighted this as a critical part of the sales tech stack.

Virtual rooms empower sales to deliver a bespoke buying experience that addresses the changing B2B buying behaviors and needs. 

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Download the Top 10 Top Reasons to Use a Digital Sales Room Infographic

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Digital Sales Room Infographic

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