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Trendwatch - Digital Sales Rooms Boost Buyer Engagement

Enable Us evaluated thousands of digital sales rooms to identify key trends and best practices for DSRs and engaging B2B buyers.

Digital Sales Rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed by prospects than an email.

Daniel Gottlieb, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner, wrote about the 3 Principles To Design A Tech Stack Sellers Actually Want to Use. In his article he highlighted that sales organizations should:

  • Evaluate ways to make buyer engagement easier
  • Use data to help sellers know which tactics to use
  • Reduce sales admin by making the sales process simpler

Based on these principles, Gartner envisions a tech stack that will support virtual selling, with Digital Sales Rooms (DSR) listed as one of those technologies under Buyer Engagement. 

As digital sales rooms have become an essential tool to engage buyers, we’ve witnessed tremendous growth on our platform:

  • Process over $727M of deal value 
  • Manage over 30K+ rich media content
  • 11,000+ deal rooms shared
  • 1.8M+ minutes of buyer engagement

We dug into our data to determine what type of insights we can provide on DSRs to empower sellers, engage buyers and accelerate sales deals. We analyzed data on the Enable Us Platform from January 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022. To protect the privacy of customer data, all data is aggregated and anonymized. 

The key takeaways from our analysis are:

  • Digital Sales Rooms Increase Buyer Engagement: While the overall email open rate is 21.33% (Source Mailchimp), 67.21% of rooms record at least one visitor, what we term the Room Visitor Rate. This provides sellers with more actionable insight into buyer engagement and interest.
  • Room Visitors Watch Welcome Messages: While nearly 47% of rooms include a text, video or audio-based welcome video, welcome videos do engage visitors for an average of 43 seconds. 
  • Rooms are Cloned or Created from Templates: When creating digital sales rooms, users are predominantly using existing templates (51%) or cloning rooms (20%) versus creating them from scratch (29%). From a sales efficiency perspective, sellers not only spend less time finding and sharing content, but also focus efforts on engaged deals. 

Don't have time to read the full blog? Download the pdf version of the Trendwatch 2022: Digital Sales Rooms Boost Buyer Engagement infographic.

Room Creation

Many of our customers create room templates designed for specific buyer personas, industry, and/or sales stages. When evaluating how users are creating rooms, 71% of rooms are being created from a template or by cloning an existing room, with 29% being designed from scratch.  

The reason for selecting a template or cloning the room is efficiency. Users save time finding and sharing relevant content with prospects and customers, or simply clone a room that is performing well. Sellers can then focus their time on more high-value relationship building activities or priority prospects. 

How are sales creating Digital Sales Rooms

Welcome Messages

Nearly 47% of all rooms include a welcome message, with 40.92% video, 5.50% text, and .15% audio or image. For those rooms with welcome videos, the average number of seconds watched by room visitors is 43 seconds. 

This provides sellers an opportunity to not only personalize the message, but also succinctly reinforce key messages, differentiators, and benefits of their company, products and services. 

Stat on Welcome Messages in Digital Sales Rooms

Content Assets

When analyzing the number of content assets (e.g. presentations, documents, videos, etc.) uploaded into a digital sales room, we determined that an average of 6.7 assets are in a room. For documents, the average number of pages is 11.2. 

When charting out the average number of content pieces per room, we noticed that most rooms tend to range from 0-10 content pieces, with a long tail of rooms with 10+ assets. This may indicate that a minimal number of content assets are uploaded earlier in the deal process, with more content added as the deal progresses. 

Average number of content assets per digital sales room

Sales Actions

In addition to sharing content with prospects and customers, digital sales rooms can prompt visitors to take another action, what we call Sales Actions. 

47% of all rooms currently have an average of .75 sales actions per room, with 4% of rooms having 3 or more sales actions. The most common CTA was related to booking, scheduling or requesting a demo, meeting, or call. 

Here are the 6 most popular sales actions in order of most popular to least popular:

  1. Book, Schedule or Request a Demo, Meeting, or Call
  1. See our G2 Reviews
  1. Review Contract
  1. Call [sales person]
  1. Read our blog
  1. Follow us on LinkedIn

6 Most Popular Sales CTAs in Digital Sales Rooms

Increase Sales Efficiency and Engage Buyers with Digital Sales Room

While digital sales room software is nascent within the sales enablement technology landscape, they have already demonstrated great benefits to sales organizations. Digital sales room software provides a level of buyer insights previously unavailable to sales. Moreover, with templates or the ability to clone a room, sales can efficiently create and share rooms with buyers. 

Schedule a demo to learn Enable Us can turbocharge your sales deals with Digital Sales Room. 

Download a pdf version of the Trendwatch 2022: Digital Sales Rooms Boost Buyer Engagement infographic.

Trendwatch 2022 Digital Sales Rooms Boost Buyer Engagement

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