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Celebrating Over a Year as a Virtual Sales Room Leader and Sales Enablement High Performer

Enable Us continues to be recognized as digital sales room leader and sales enablement high performer by G2 Crowd.

Since early 2022, we’ve seen the emergence of digital sales room (DSR) technology as a core part of a sales tech stack. DSRs empower sellers to share the right information, respond quickly, and collaborate with prospects at the right time throughout the buying journey. 

It’s no wonder that Gartner included virtual sales room technology in the Buyer Engagement layer of the virtual selling tech stack, and G2 Crowd included DSRs as a new category in Spring 2022. 

We were honored to be included in G2’s inaugural Digital Sales Room report that year. 

Fast forward to today, and we’re amazed by the continued growth and momentum we’ve experienced since then. With the newly released G2 Crowd Spring 2023 grid reports, we’ve accumulated over 40 recognition badges since Spring 2022! The accolades ranged from fastest implementation and highest user adoption, to easiest to do business and most likely to recommend, and to best support.

Image of the 40+ G2 Crowd badges that Enable Us has received from G2 Crowd since early 2022

Moreover, we’ve consistently been positioned as a Leader in Digital Sales Room and High Performer in Sales Enablement categories respectively:

  • Digital Sales Room Leader for 4 quarters
  • Sales Enablement High Performer for 5 quarters
  • Digital Sales Room Momentum Leader for 2 quarters
  • Sales Enablement Momentum Leader for 2 quarters

Based on our continued leadership in this category, we are one of the most popular digital sales room products for sales acceleration professionals according to G2 Crowd. 

“Enable Us is a Great Sales Tool - I really appreciate any new sales tool under my sales tool belt. This is great to make sharing info with prospects so easy and a great way to help lead the sales process. Super easy to use, and I love that you can add a personal touch with a video.” - Raul P., G2 Crowd Review

How have we maintained this leadership position?

When reviewing the numerous badges we’ve received, we’re so proud and humbled that we have received all of these accolades based entirely on our customers' reviews. These badges recognize our continued dedication to our customer-centric approach:

  • Making it easy for businesses to work with us 
  • Innovating our product based on customer feedback and industry trends
  • Delivering top-notch customer service to ensure high customer satisfaction and user adoption, with fast implementation times (on average from hours to 2-3 weeks)

Without our customers, we wouldn’t have experienced the tremendous growth on our platform to date, including:

  • Over $6 billion of deals processed across 17,000+ digital sales rooms
  • 35,000+ customers and users in more than 120 countries
  • More than 49,000 rich media assets curated and tracked
Image highlighting the key Enable Us Platform stats
“Enable Us is easy to customize and easy to use in general. We moved from a similar tool that felt clunky and hard to navigate. Their onboarding and customer support has been excellent, they've been with us every step of the way!" - Melissa S. VP of Marketing, G2 Crowd Review
“Customer service and support are very responsive. Easy to use.” - Computer and Network Security User, G2 Crowd Review

Redesigned Website Reflects Our Continued Commitment 

Our vision is to do for B2B purchases what Amazon did for B2B purchases - making B2B buying more efficient, transparent, and personal. To better reflect this mission and the recognition bestowed upon us by G2 Crowd over the past year, we’re thrilled to unveil our redesigned company website! 

Screenshot of updated Enable Us website

We’ve improved the user experience with a streamlined design to enhance the functionality and appearance of our site:

  • Simpler layout so visitors can more easily navigate through our product and services
  • More visual elements, such as screenshots and videos, to help users better understand our offerings
  • Enhanced Resources and Learning Hub section that provides access to the latest information, such as blogs, customer stories, and ebooks, to support visitors’ growth and developmental needs

We believe the website truly reflects our continued commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, while delivering value to all our customers, partners, and investors.

Kudos to our team for their efforts on the revamped website!

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