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Goodbye 2022 - Celebrating Resilience. Together.

In his end of year post, Jinal reflects on the theme of Celebrating Resilience. Together. This includes Embracing Customers, the Future of Seller and Buyer Enablement, and key 2022 sales and buyer enablement stats.

As we say goodbye to 2022, I’ve thought a lot about what we have all gone through this year. We emerged from the pandemic. Businesses opened up. Social distancing loosened. And family, friends, and colleagues came back together face-to-face. 

Yet, this year proved to be just as tricky to navigate as the past two years. Despite being a year of fluctuations, I’ve seen how resilient we’ve become - as a business and with our customers -  and wanted to share some highlights with you. 

Embracing Our Customers

During these times, we recognize that every little bit counts for our customers, especially when it comes to driving cost efficiency, sales productivity, and revenue growth. I’m impressed with how our team has placed customers at the center of every facet of our business - product innovation, onboarding, implementation, training, best practices, and more. 

And our customers recognize these efforts, giving us top marks on G2 Crowd for the past three quarters for ease of doing business, quality of support, and NPS. 

Future of Seller and Buyer Enablement

I understand that our technology is a vital part of our customer’s operations. Yet, I’m continually amazed by the value that our all-in-one seller and buyer enablement platform delivers for our customers: 11,000+ deals rooms shared, over 1.8M minutes of buyer engagement, and over $750M of deal value processed to date. 

That’s why we strive to deliver the key sales and marketing functionality together in a single platform to make your day-to-day operations easier. No matter how small, our engineering and development teams have outdone themselves with the sheer number of releases this year. And our customers have noticed with 100% ratings that our Product Is Going In the Right Direction on G2 Crowd!

As we look toward the future, my commitment is that we continue to deliver more efficient, transparent, and personal B2B buying experiences that over 25,000 sellers and buyers in 70+ countries rely on. 

Seller and Buyer Enablement Stats for 2022

B2B buying expectations shifted during the pandemic as the majority of the B2B buying process is now done without sales interaction and 80% of B2B buyers prefer digital commerce for ordering and payment. 

I understand that driving a better buying experience is critical for organizations in these trying times. When delving into our platform stats, the good news is I see how our platform is positively moving the needle for our customers. Digital sales rooms are 3X more likely to be viewed by at least one visitor compared to just opening an email. Buyers do engage with content, watching welcome videos for at least 43 seconds. 

Just as important is providing sales more time to focus on engaged deals. That’s why it’s great to see that 70% of all rooms are created from an existing template or cloned, so sellers spend less time finding and sharing content.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year

I want to convey my sincere gratitude and thanks to our employees, customers and investors, without whom we wouldn’t have achieved what we have this year. Our collaboration and hyper-focus on customers is why we’ve been a Leader in the Digital Sales Room category and a High Performer in Sales Enablement on G2 Crowd for three consecutive quarters. 

Together, we’ll continue to accomplish even more in the new year. 

Together, we’ll weather the tough times to thrive on the other side.

Together, we celebrate our collective resilience. 

On behalf of Enable Us, I wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday season and a happier new year.

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