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Enable Us Garners 8 G2 Crowd Awards in Digital Sales Room and Sales Enablement Categories

Learn how Enable Us combines intuitive product with stellar customer support for faster results for customers.

Enable Us Garners G2 Crowd Awards

Building upon our Summer 2022 G2 Crowd recognitions, we were awarded with eight more G2 Crowd Fall 2022 awards. 

We continue to be recognized as a Leader in Digital Sales Rooms and High Performer in Sales Enablement categories. Moreover, we were recognized as a Momentum Leader in Sales Enablement, which highlights Enable Us as one of the fastest growing companies in the category year over year. 

In addition to the G2 Grid awards, we were also awarded these badges for leading in these segments:

  • Users Most Likely to Recommend for Mid-Market
  • Fastest Implementation for Small Business 
  • Easiest to Do Business With for Small Business

The G2 Awards recognize top-performing software companies based on over 1.7M authentic customer reviews. The awards and associated grid reports are released quarterly and administered by G2 Crowd.

Deliver an Innovative Product

Per our G2 Crowd Summer 2022 post, one of our guiding product principles is marrying customer feedback with our product roadmap. Through this collaboration, we can truly deliver a B2B buying experience that is easy, transparent and personal for both sellers and buyers alike. 

When we dug deeper into the details, we were humbled by the feedback we received for our platform, receiving 100% customer satisfaction ratings in the following areas:

  • Product Going in the Right Direction - Digital Sales Room and Sales Enablement
  • eSignature capabilities for Digital Sales Room
  • Video conferencing functionality for Digital Sales Room
  • Advanced search for Sales Enablement (SMB)

Kudos to our product and engineering teams lead by Galen Li, our Chief Product Officer, and Andrey Bolanos, our Chief Technology Officer. They continue to combine customer feedback, user testing, and industry trends to prioritize and implement features that positively impact our entire customer base. 

Intuitive Design + Stellar Support = Faster Results

While customer feedback is key, we also place equal emphasis on our customer support, services, and training. This is especially important during current economic conditions. Since sales time to productivity has a direct impact on revenue growth, our goal is to strategically implement and train our customers as fast as possible. 

How do we do this? This starts with an intuitive product design and tool tips, ensuring our platform is easy to use to increase adoption by users and administrators. On average, we provide:

  • One of the fastest times to implementation from 0.1 months for SMB to 0.6 months for larger enterprises. 
  • High user adoption rates, ranking in the top 5 (sales enablement, mid-market)

Next is our dedicated customer success and support efforts lead  Chief Customer Officer. Under her leadership, we offer a variety of training options to meet the different learning and development needs of our customers and users, including live, hands-on training, on-demand videos, and step-by-step help articles. We also offer in-platform chat, providing timely responses to customer questions. 

Our efforts are paying off as evidenced by our top customer satisfaction ratings (99% and above) for ease of doing business and even a 100 NPS score for our sales enablement platform! This includes:

  • Ease of doing business with (DSR and sales enablement)
  • Quality of support (sales enablement)
  • 2 consecutive quarters of 100% NPS score for sales enablement, SMB 

Finally, we work closely with our customers to measure the success of their investment. On average, our customers experience ROI as early as a few weeks from launch up to 6 months. 


Our founders’ vision was to redefine and simplify the B2B buying experience. These accolades, and the positive response of our customers, further reaffirm our continued efforts toward this goal. But we think our customers can best convey how we’ve impacted them:

The Brand New Way to Enable Your Business!

"I like the fact that Enable provides an all-in-one workspace that can be leveraged by our sales and marketing teams. We store all of relevant our assets in a central location, and it allows us to be more efficient in our sales process and effectively manage customer interactions." - Administrator

Centralizing resources, speeding up sales process, and more!

"My favorite part about Enable is being able to centralize my resources and see if they've been viewed. It has become a vital part of my sales process. It's a great way to send warm nudges and still feel like I am providing something of value to my customers. I love that I can link the deal rooms to my Salesforce opportunities." - Will J., Account Executive

Enable [Us] is great!

"It shortens the sales cycle by providing a central location for communication and learning for prospects. It is one of the best sales tools I've used in my 10 year career in SaaS." - Travis D.

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