Company News announces $4.5M seed round to help B2B sales and marketing teams sell faster with a No-code Virtual Selling Platform, a Oakland, CA-based no-code platform for B2B marketing and sales teams to create personalized digital sales rooms for their buyers, raised $4.5M in funding.

We are excited to announce our $4.5M in seed round to bring our no-code platform for B2B marketing and sales teams to create personalized digital sales-rooms to engage buyers and customers. Digital sales rooms accelerate the B2B sales process by bringing the most relevant sales content, collaboration, and mutual action plan management into one single location. As deals close, digital sales rooms can be converted to onboarding and customer success rooms to seamlessly continue the buyer journey.

The power of' solution is that it helps companies close deals more quickly by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the virtual selling process. Through a single link, sellers can share sales materials, manage customer references, schedule meetings, track deal related tasks, and collaborate with one or more buyers.

The virtual B2B sales landscape is a complicated process with lengthy sales cycles and multiple stakeholders and influencers on the buyer’s side. solves these challenges for sales and marketing teams by making it quick and easy to create and find the right sales collateral, distribute those resources to buyers using a digital sales-room, and coordinate all the interactions between the company, buyers and evaluation teams. also analyzes the content, identifying which content is most effective at closing deals for sellers and marketers.

While running companies like SchoolMint (Acquired) and GlimpseK12 we saw a huge void in the market because traditional sales enablement focused solely on the seller and not the buyer. We’ve flipped this model to create the most engaging experience for buyers. When buyers are put at the forefront of the process, deal velocity accelerates. Our approach focuses on the mechanisms that make it easy for sellers to sell and buyers to buy, especially in the virtual world. Interactivity, collaboration, and discovery are all facilitated through the virtual sales rooms. Digital sales rooms provide sellers a huge advantage because they have complete transparency into the effectiveness of their content. This is the holy grail for any salesperson so they know when and exactly what follow up will be most effective to move the deal forward.

Currently, serves 75+ customers in the US, Europe and Asia and landed $4.5m to simplify buying processes in a virtual B2B environment.' funding will be focused on marketing and selling the platform as well as creating a fully integrated sales enablement tool to manage the entire deal process. The company was incubated by YCombinator and the round involved some top investors like Runa Capital, Global Founders Capital, Pioneer Fund, Rebel Fund, The New Normal Fund (Allison Pickens fmr. COO of Gainsight), Dragon Capital, RingCentral Ventures, Fresco Capital,  Liquid2 Ventures and Hack VC as well as some prominent angels like Jared Kopf (Founder of Adroll), Sandy Kory and Jennifer Carolan.

Our founding team includes seasoned entrepreneurs like Jinal Jhaveri (Founder of SchoolMint and Mismo)  and Adam Pearson (Founder of Learning Earnings and GlimpseK12). They have decades of experience growing B2B companies where our teams experienced the challenges we solve firsthand. Across all our companies we experienced B2B sales pain points such as long sales cycles, managing evaluation teams, document requests, customer reference checks, etc. This problem has compounded in the post-Covid world. We knew there had to be a better way to coordinate all of these activities and empower buyers and sellers together

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