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Webinar Recap: Creating an Airtight Sales Narrative and Process with Digital Sales Room

Explore the impact that GTM teams will experience as a result of digital sales rooms. Watch the webinar sponsored by Enable Us.

A study by McKinsey discovered that more than 70% of buyers prefer a platform where they can engage virtually with sales representatives and have all the information digitally available. With an ongoing pandemic and changing buyer-seller dynamics, building robust virtual platforms that enable sales teams to make the buying experience more efficient, transparent, and personal is the need of the hour. 

The Creating an Airtight Sales Narrative and Process with Digital Sales Room on-demand webinar talks about a one-stop solution that can ensure a highly efficient sales process that doesn't compromise an excellent buying experience. Adam Pearson, Co-Founder at Enable Us and moderator of the webinar, was joined by Craig Jordan, CEO & Founder at SaaScend, and James Springhetti, former CRO at Enable Us. 

In this webinar, the group discussed ways to create a compelling sales narrative with digital sales rooms (DSR). We summarized the key points from the webinar below. You can watch the webinar on-demand and skip to these parts of the presentation:

01:50 - Challenges faced by sales during training

07:14 - What is a Digital Sales Room and what are its advantages?

14:16 - How do DSRs help marketing with sales enablement?

Challenges Faced By Sales Teams During Training

Pearson kicked off the webinar by asking the speakers what challenges are usually faced by sales teams when they are getting trained on the brand story and sales narratives. Springhetti said that sales narratives are more difficult to manage now than ever. He pointed out some key challenges in the current market. These include:

  • Changing buying behavior
  • Presence of multiple solutions for the same problem
  • Asynchronous buying due to a busy lifestyle

He then explained how increasing the buyer’s accessibility to great content is one of the most prominent ways businesses can ensure their sales process sticks out from the crowd. 

This was followed by Jordan pointing out that his organization's biggest challenge was consistency concerning the processes, conversations, and qualifying content. He then spoke about how difficult it was to find a single source of truth for updated content that could be shared with prospects. Often, sales teams ended up sharing content that wasn't updated or couldn't find the content anywhere. He also mentioned how finding the right asset can help train new salespeople in the organization.

What Is a Digital Sales Room?

The webinar then focused on the cutting-edge solution in question, Digital Sales Room (DSR). To Pearson's question about what DSR does, Jordan stated that DSR is, simply put, an aggregation of collaborations within a digital platform. He says DSRs boost sales enablement by ensuring the prospects and clients go through a consistent, customized, and dynamic journey within the platform that serves as a centralized hub for all their activities through the sales funnel. 

Jordan continued by giving an anecdote about how sales, which has historically been a face-to-face process, can still be effective digitally if done using the right tools. He then points out how having a singular DSR link is much better for the buyer's experience than going through multiple attachments and files in an email.

Springhetti then chimed in to talk about how the types of content that are being used have changed in the past few years. He points out that the need to make sure everybody is on the same page has also become vital in the sales process. He talks about having Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) to achieve the same. Jordan added to this point and expressed how MAPs help bring personalization, accountability, and alignment to the selling process. In his words, "Putting faces to selling also makes us human."

The Essential Guide to Mutual Action Plans (MAPs)

Pearson added that having a DSR means not every single member of the buying committee has to be on the call — All stakeholders can access the DSR asynchronously based on their availability. 

How Can Marketing Boost Sales Enablement Through Digital Sales Rooms?

The next question posed was how DSRs help marketing teams with sales enablement. To this, Jordan excitedly spoke about how the team at SaaScend leveraged DSRs at a digital conference where there was a limit to the content being exchanged by individuals. He points out how easy it was to send a link to 6000+ attendees without any hassles. The platform also allows organizations to create exclusive rooms for internal use — sharing content, tracking deal activities, training new joiners, and more.

The Essential Guide to Digital Sales Rooms (DSR)

Springhetti then gave tips on how marketing can truly help with sales enablement. Some of the tips he mentioned are:

  • Building the correct nomenclature that sales can identify
  • Maintaining the content hygiene
  • Creating truly valuable content

Benefits Of Getting Real-Time Insights About Buyer Activity

Pearson then asked the duo how they feel about being able to access real-time insights about who accesses the DSR, how they access it, what type of content they are engaging with, and more. Springhetti expressed how exciting it is from a sales perspective to know when a prospect engages with the content a salesperson shares. Being able to track a prospect’s activities in the DSR also means chances for you to speed up the selling process. As for marketing, knowing what type of content excites prospects is a great way to determine which type of content they should be allotting their resources to. Jordan added to this and spoke about how knowing who engages with your content helps you build new relationships as their contacts are automatically added to your CRM.

Springhetti then went on to talk about how having all content in a centralized platform and knowing which content to use for each scenario gives sales folks a whole new level of power, boosting their productivity; No more wasting time looking for materials.

The session ended with a Q&A session where the speakers gave real-life examples of how DSRs have helped them build an airtight narrative. You can watch the full webinar on-demand here.

Enable Us Webinar - Creating an Airtight Sales Narrative and Process with Digital Sales Rooms

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