March 14, 2023
Cece Lee

Ultimate Free Guide to Sales Content Management Software

In a recession, buyers are much more hesitant to purchase. Learn how to overcome some of the most common B2B buying objections.

Sales CMS: More Effectively Curate, Manage, and Track Sales Content

Still manually managing and tracking your sales content via Google Drive, OneDrive, or even a spreadsheet?

Consider how this may be impacting the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams:

  • 9 out of 10 sellers don’t use available sales material, because it’s “irrelevant, outdated and difficult to customize. - G2 Crowd
  • Sales spend up to 30 hours a month looking for or creating content - American Marketing Association
  • “84% of sales executives cited content search and utilization as the top productivity improvement area.” - G2 Crowd 
  • For enterprise organizations, this disconnect between content creation and usage can cost over $2.3 million annually in opportunity costs related to underused or unused marketing content - G2 Crowd

Whether you’re a sales, sales enablement, or marketing leader, you want to alleviate this pain point. If this sounds like a challenge your organization might be facing, sales content management software (sales CMS) is the solution.

The Solution - Invest in Sales Content Management Software  

By investing in a sales content management system, sales and marketing collaborate more closely. Ultimately, this closer alignment can boost sales results, with companies 67% better at closing deals and sales teams experiencing 41% increase in meeting their quotas (G2). 

At minimum, what is the value of sales regaining 2-4 hours a week to focus on key prospects and customers?

Sales spends 30 hours a month searching for or creating content stat

That’s why we pulled together the Essential Guide for Sales Content Management Software:

  • What is Sales Content Management Software
  • The Top Benefits and Challenges of Sales Content Management
  • A Buyer's Guide to Sales Content Management Software

We’ve also included three infographics summarizing the key points in the guide:

  • The Sales CMS Buyer Cheat Sheet - what questions to consider as you evaluate different software offerings
  • Top 5 Challenges and Benefits of Sales Content Management
  • Top 7 Sales Content Management Best Practices

Download your copy of the FREE Guide to sales content management software today.

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