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Using Digital Sales Rooms for Improving Sales Processes and to Reduce Onboarding Ramp Time

Digital sales rooms are being used to improve and enhance the sales process but what about helping to reduce the time it takes for new hires to onboard in a remote environment?

The past eighteen months has caused a major shift in how businesses manage their day-to-day operations.  When the majority of the workforce was all of a sudden working from home, sales organizations scrambled to find creative ways in which they could meet with clients and negotiate deals.  One solution that proved to be incredibly effective was our virtual sales room technology.  This technology provided not only an effective workaround for individuals who could no longer meet with clients in person, but also created a time-saving and cost-effective option that revolutionized the sales process.

Digital sales rooms have allowed for corporations to move away from costly business travel and time consuming face-to-face meetings to digital experiences that take a fraction of the time to create, yet yield the same or greater results.  An additional benefit that digital sales rooms provide is that meetings can be recorded so that the contents can be viewed by others within the organization.  This can help speed up the sales process as key stakeholders are able to view the recording of a meeting on their own time. This means that the sales process isn’t held up for the entire team while they wait for an open spot in one or two staff members’ calendars.  Veteran sales people know that time kills deals and anyway you keep the ball rolling, you will close more business.

Adaptability, versatility and flexibility are all essential to any sales organization and digital sales room software allows you to create a digital environment that meets your clients needs. Whether your client responds best to product demonstrations or through watching client testimonials who found success with your products, there are endless ways in which you can convey your message. 

In addition to using Virtual Sales Rooms in your sales processes, remote employment is a concept that is here to stay and as most new hires need to be onboarded virtually, utilizing digital sales rooms can be a huge benefit to your sales enablement and training departments.  Sales onboarding and sales training sessions can be consolidated into a single room with all the necessary assets accessible through a single link. You are also able to track your new hire’s progress and suggest additional training modules as you see fit.

Shadowing has proven to be a very effective tool in the sales onboarding process as new a hire tags along with a veteran sales executive on their sales calls.  Being able to see how the products are presented to the client as well as how the sales team overcomes client objectives is invaluable in the sales training process. With digital sales rooms, new hires are able to watch a variety of sellers within the organization and learn which sales tactic work best in certain situations. 

By making the decision to invest in digital sales rooms, you are able to save your current and future sales team valuable time and financial resources for the company.  Moving to a digital first sales strategy allows you to streamline the sales presentation process and close new business quicker. Digital sales room can make a huge difference in the profitability of your organization and are here to stay.

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