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Top 12 Sales Content Assets Every Sales Organization Needs

This article highlights the top sales content assets that every sales organization needs to accelerate deals.

What is Sales Content?

“Sales content is about convincing people that you’re the best brand to work with, your products and services are right for them, and your people are a good fit for what they’re building.” - Forbes

The main objective of sales content is to convince B2B buyers to purchase your solution, products, or services. As such, sales content includes any assets that support a prospective buyer’s journey. There are two types of sales content:

  • Internally-facing sales content used by sales for training, knowledge building, upskilling, and more
  • Externally-facing sales content that is shared with a prospect to influence and accelerate the sales cycle

What are the Common Types of Sales Collateral?

Previously, we wrote about the most common types of sales content that convert. We’re expanding upon this list with key internally- and externally-facing sales content for any sales organization:

Internally-Facing Sales Content

  • Buyer Persona Profiles - this one-page document provides a composite profile of key decision makers who participate in the buying process, such as demographic information, key challenges, motivations, potential blockers, and questions asked during the buyer process. The goal is for sales to better understand and connect with buyers during the sales process. 
  • Call Script - a written script to guide sales reps, typically sales development or business development representatives, on how to speak with prospects. The script focuses on a specific topic and provides prompts on how to respond in certain situations. The goal is to make the sales process more consistent to increase interest. 
  • Competitive Battlecards - this document provides your sales team with a succinct summary on your key competitors - how their products, services, market, and customers compare to your company's. This brief overview provides sales with intelligence and talking points to position your company, products, and services more positively over competitors. 
  • Sales Playbooks - this includes all your sales processes, best practices, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in a single document. Through this manual, you can optimize your sales efficiency, deliver a consistent buyer experience, and accelerate revenue growth on a consistent basis with every salesperson. 

Externally-Facing Sales Content

  • Customer Testimonials and Case Studies - Since 92% of buyers prefer reviews or user-generated feedback, case studies and customer testimonials are your best tools to demonstrate the real-world value and benefits of your products and services. Video, audio, or written customer testimonials detail how your company, products, and services helped a customer solve a pain point and achieve their key business goals. 
  • eBook - mid to long form content pieces, eBooks tend to focus on topics for the top of the funnel as prospects are beginning to consider your product or service, such as “How to” articles. 
  • Product flyers and brochures - With many buyers conducting research before connecting with sales, a product flyer or brochure is the perfect medium to summarize and share information about your products and services. 
  • Product videos or clickable demos- Product videos or clickable demos walk through the features and functionality of your product to B2B buyers. When done well, product demos convey the benefits of a product to prospects. In fact, 95% of buyers are more open to speaking to sales after viewing video content. 
  • ROI Calculators and Guides - With the current economic climate, executives are questioning the value of every technology purchase. A ROI calculator or guide helps your champion build a winning business case on the benefits of your product and return on investment. This reassures executives and garners their buy-in for making a purchase decision. 
  • Sales presentations - Slides are used by salespeople to tell a cohesive, consistent story about your company, product and services to a prospective customer. 
  • Webinars - Whether available live or on-demand, these online presentations focus on a specific topic or product. They can be used for top of the funnel activities to generate leads and educate prospects or to provide more insight on a new product launch for middle and bottom-of-funnel campaigns. 
  • White Papers - longer form content that typically includes research or interviews with subject matter experts that present your perspective and expertise on a specific topic or trend. These tend to be used for mid-late stage prospects. 

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