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How Real-Time Buyer Behavioral Data Accelerates B2B Sales

Learn how buyer-behavioral data can help your team make data-driven decisions to increase sales and drive revenue.

In the wake of the pandemic, digital selling has become more crucial than ever—especially for B2B sales. In a late 2020 study, it was found that roughly 70% of B2B decision-makers preferred either online or digital self-service when making purchasing decisions. With remote work on an uptrend, we can only assume this number will continue to grow. So how can businesses best adjust to the new normal and set their sales strategy up for success? 

Digital sales open the door for organizations to better understand their buyer with  behavioral data. Organizations that choose to leverage buyer behavioral data to make data-driven decisions outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin. Simple, easy-to-track metrics like what links the consumer clicks, the amount of time they spend on each asset, and even the information they aren’t looking at can better inform sales teams on how to tailor each experience to the individual buyer. With the right sales enablement technology, businesses will be able to track a buyer’s behavior in real-time, putting them steps ahead on the path to success. 

How to Capture Real-Time Behavioral Data in Digital Sales Rooms

In a digital sales room (DSR), sales reps are able to provide valuable information to influence buyers throughout the buyer's journey, from customer testimonials to sales decks, promotional materials, and everything in between. The beauty of a DSR lies in its ability to track what buyers are doing in real-time, generating data that gives sales reps full transparency to better serve their buyers with relevant content. Buyer behavioral data is generated through engagement with provided content. With each click of the buyer’s mouse, the behavioral data is automatically captured and tracked directly in the digital sales room. 

With the right technology supporting them, sales reps receive real-time alerts each time a buyer:

  • Enters the digital sales room
  • Engages with a certain piece of content
  • Ignores other pieces of content
  • Shares content to various stakeholders/colleagues
  • Spends increased amounts of time on a specific piece of content
  • Shares with their teammates 
  • Completes mutually agreed upon actions 

Consistently tracking this data gives sales reps an overview of what buyers are currently engaging with and what they’re interested in learning more about. This high-value data provides real-time insight into the buying process, increasing sales pipeline visibility and letting reps know which deals are trending in the right direction. 

Sales Reps are Empowered to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Deliver Personalized Experiences

When reps see in real-time each instance a buyer views a piece of content, which resources they’re viewing, and how much time they dedicate to each, tailoring the experience to meet the unique needs and interests of buyers becomes significantly easier. Recognizing exactly what information buyers are in need of to address their pain points provides the perfect insight into how to best follow up with information that may influence the buyer’s purchasing decision. Sales reps can utilize buyer behavioral data to make data-driven decisions to move their buyer along their unique buying journey

Simple information, such as seeing that a buyer often clicks on certain promotional materials while ignoring others, can inform what information should be passed along next. For example, if a buyer is responding more to customer testimonials, sales reps will know to add more of that type of content to the DSR. By tailoring sales decisions to each individual, sales teams create a hyper-personalized experience to set their business apart. Customizing communications to the buyer isn’t just good customer service, either. 65% of B2B buyers are likely to opt for a competing vendor if sales aren’t personalized, making buyer behavioral data a huge asset for effectively closing deals. 

Taking Action on Buyer Behavioral Data Enables Deal Velocity

The speed at which businesses are able to negotiate and close deals heavily impacts their bottom line, making any factor that assists the team in speed a major key for day-to-day operations. Businesses that respond to buyers within an hour are up to seven times more likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision-makers, making your response time of the utmost importance. Capturing buyer behavioral data in real-time empowers sales teams to increase the velocity of their sales cycles. With alerts on buyer activity, sales reps know when to promptly respond, follow up, and provide the buyer with additional information, getting their business in that key 1-hour-response-time window. 

While quick lead response time should be common sense, only 37% of B2B companies respond to leads within an hour. This makes seeing real-time buyer behavioral data and promptly responding to that data crucial for sales teams to set their business apart from the competition. Timely responses keep the buyer engaged and impressed with sales attentiveness, ultimately increasing the speed at which a purchasing decision is made. 

Final Thoughts

Utilizing a digital sales room to leverage buyer behavioral data gives sales teams the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition. By gaining real-time, easy-to-track data on which resources buyers are or aren’t interested in and the amount of time they dedicate to each, team members get key insights into what could push their buyers to purchase. 

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