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Buyer Enablement White Paper: Sales Enablement Evolved

The white paper highlights how buyer enablement enhances the B2B buying experience for both sellers and buyers to accelerate sales cycles and drive revenues.

Today’s B2B buying journey is complex and disjointed with at least 6-10 buyers involved in the process (Source: Gartner). SMB and high-growth organizations globally want to make this process more efficient, transparent, and delightful for their buyers and customers. 

By making the B2B buyer experience more consumer-like (e.g. digital, virtual, and seamless) with a single, buyer-focused platform/solution, global companies can:

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Grow their revenues

We call this buyer enablement - making it easier for buyers to more quickly and efficiently purchase products, software, or services from a company. 

“Buyer Enablement is the provisioning of information that supports the completion of critical activities necessary to make a purchase.” - Gartner

This requires that sales and marketing organizations redefine and reimagine how they share information that benefits both sellers and buyers during a transaction. 

Merging Buyer Enablement with Sales Enablement

Tremendous time, effort, and attention has been focused on sales enablement - training, coaching, and equipping sales representatives with the relevant tools and resources to close deals. 

Sales enablement is composed of strategies, tools and processes that provide sales representatives with the ability to boost their productivity and revenue generation.” - TechTarget

While this increases sales efficiency, this overlooks the essential needs of the B2B buyer's journey. That’s where buyer enablement fills in the gap by:

  • Providing buyers with tools to source relevant content
  • Connecting buyers with sellers to meet specific needs
  • Empower buyers to navigate the process with a personalized experience

Buyer Enablement is Sales Enablement Evolved 

The sales technology landscape includes multiple Sales Enablement Platforms. Yet, the logical next step is to marry these tools with Buyer Enablement as a single platform that is dedicated to both Buyers and Sellers equally.  

By promoting collaboration and information sharing within a digital platform, this ensures that both the B2B buyer’s and seller’s journeys are accelerated, enhanced, and simplified. 

That’s why we’ve written the Buyer Enablement: Sales Enablement Evolved white paper which highlights how buyer enablement enhances the B2B buying experience.

Download the white paper to discover:

  • The shortfalls of today’s Sales Enablement platforms
  • The benefits of merging Seller and Buyer goals
  • An understanding of the key components of Buyer Enablement
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