Customer Success Earns G2 Awards for Ease of Use and Highest User Adoption

We’re proud to announce that we earned multiple G2 awards for Spring 2022, specifically for our ease of use and high user adoption!

Spring 2022 is off to a great start for We’re proud to announce that we earned multiple G2 awards for Spring 2022, specifically for our ease of use and high user adoption! G2 is a peer-to-peer review site specific to software based on 1,700,500+ authentic reviews from real users. 

On a quarterly basis, G2 releases Grid and Index Reports to highlight software that is high-performing, well-adopted, and loved by customers. Winners are broken down under the umbrella term “Best Software Products” into categories like “Highest Satisfaction Products,” “Mid-Market Products” and so on. So what do the awards we’ve received symbolize and how are they rated? Let’s dive in.

What G2 Awards Did We Win and Why? 

The three most notable recognitions received for Spring 2022 include: 

  1. Highest User Adoption
  2. High Performer
  3. Easiest to Do Business With in the Mid-Market Sector

Let’s break down each award:

1. Highest User Adoption

The “Highest User Adoption” award means exactly what you think. We stood above competitors with an average user adoption rate of 86%.

2. High Performer

The “High Performer” award represents our excellent customer service. strives to make the entire sales cycle easy and organized, which is why we make sure our platform and features are intuitive to our customers’ needs. This stems from our passion for talking to people versus creating decks. We want to bring a human element to B2B sales – and it looks like our customers felt that this year. 

3. Easiest to Do Business With in the Mid-Market Sector

The “Easiest to Do Business With” award means that we provide great support and listen to what our customers say, allowing us to take proactive measures to improve our offerings. received 100% ease of doing business with, which is above the average rating for similar platforms.

According to the Spring 2022 G2 Awards release, not only had the highest average user adoption, but also the highest payback period among competitors. Our estimated return on investment (ROI) is five months, which is two months quicker than the average. One reviewer noted that “the ROI is beyond evident for all non-transactional sales.” 

Analyzing G2’s Review Stats

Out of the ratings on G2’s site, 100% of users rated 4 or 5 stars and believed the company was headed in the right direction. Customers are satisfied with the service and support from, which is why 96% of users said they felt comfortable recommending our platform to peers. In fact, that’s how Talview found us (via a Slack message from a colleague). Read more about how they leverage to organize their sales content and enhance the seller experience. 

Select G2 Reviews

We appreciate all opinions on our platform as is built for our customer base, which is currently made up of 43% small businesses and 57% mid-market businesses. Here are several reviews pulled from G2’s site that showcase our customers’ feedback: 

Michael W., a Global Enablement Manager at a mid-market company, gave a perfect review of 5 stars. He said, “The platform’s ease of use is a huge selling point for me. As a single admin, I am able to manage the platform for our entire organization with very little time commitment.” 

Sydney R., a Marketing Coordinator at a mid-market organization, rated us 5 stars. What she likes best about is “how easy it is to navigate [the] platform. The overall experience provides a streamlined process.” 

Chief Experience Officer, Ian C., rated with 4.5 stars. When prompted to answer what he disliked about our service, he said it’s because we’re “still an early platform, so there are some features missing from making it ‘complete.’ That said, they are moving fast and releasing real value additive features all the time.”

To read more reviews and G2 insights, check out our G2 review page.

Final Thoughts

Our mission is to foster trust and transparency in B2B sales. We want our platform to serve the buyer’s journey and ultimately enhance the interaction between buyers and sellers. That’s why we reply to customer reviews and factor their feedback into our internal discussion about improvements – and it’s also why we’re so proud of our G2 awards. 

Our organization’s top pillars are ease of use and user adoption. Getting awards for those means we’re achieving our goals. What’s better than that? If you’d like the opportunity to see how can enhance your content management and improve your buyers’ journeys and experiences, book a demo to see the platform in action.

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