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Digital Sales Rooms: The Ultimate Sales Enablement Tool to Increase Deal Velocity

To speed up deal velocity, sales reps need to create personalized experiences for buyers. This is where digital sales rooms excel.

It’s no secret that most industries have switched to a primarily digital existence in the past two years, and the sales function is no exception. As sales teams adapt to the new digital reality, digital sales rooms (DSRs) have become one of the go-to sales enablement tools for 2022 and beyond. Typically, buyers have 27 information-gathering sessions of their own before they speak directly to sales—meaning that the information provided by sales reps in the later stages of the buyer's purchase journey is absolutely crucial to the final outcome of the deal. 

Forrester stat: B2B buyer have 27 information gathering sessions before speaking with sales

To stand out, sellers need to create personalized, delightful experiences for their buyers as early in the sales process as possible to speed up deal velocity. This is where digital sales rooms make a big impact, offering the perfect solution for sharing relevant content to engage buyers and speed up the sales cycle. 

What is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room is a seamless, all-inclusive platform in which buyers can view all the resources shared by sales throughout their purchase journey. Rather than keeping up with a string of emails linking out to YouTube, sales decks, customer testimonials, and more, the sales team only needs to share one link to the DSR. All information housed in the DSR is easily accessible and ensures each key stakeholder involved in the decision process is consistently in the know.

Consider this example. After a meeting, a sales rep wants to share a demo video, a competitive analysis 1-pager, an industry white paper, and a few customer testimonials with the buyer in a follow-up email. Instead of sending each of these items as a separate attachment or link, the sales rep can put all of these important buyer enablement assets in one place and send only one link to access it — the digital sales room.

In another example, fast toward the sales process a bit further and now you have a laundry list of items that need to occur before your customer can purchase. These are the critical actions or steps that both buyers and sellers need to take yet the clarity and accountability of these steps is often lost in translation and in emails. The best digital sales rooms enable buyers and sellers to have their mutual action plans live and breath inside the sales room as well. 

In addition to merely offering a single space for buyers to find relevant content, sellers gain insights into the buyer’s needs with buyer behavioral data. With each click made by buyers, data is captured—creating valuable insights into what content the buyer views and how long they view it. Sellers can then make data-driven decisions on what to share in the DSR to further move all buyers in the deal through their buying journey

Digital Sales Rooms Decrease Time in the Sales Process with Effective Content Management

So, what does an easy-to-use, seamless sales platform mean for sales teams? With digital sales rooms, all of the content shared with buyers is managed simply and effectively. All sales and marketing content exists side-by-side, allowing members of the sales team to easily manage content across the organization throughout the sales process. 

Keeping all content on one platform streamlines content management, allowing sales representatives to tailor the DSR to each individual buyer. Rather than splitting everything into folders, digital sales rooms allow sellers to place filters so that buyers can narrow down what resources they’re looking for intuitively. With simple filters, buyers can limit the resources they’re looking at down to only video content, only customer testimonials, only sales decks, and more. Plus, the sales representative can easily edit the available filters to choose from. 

A seamless user experience like this allows the buyer to find the precise information they need faster, streamlining the sales process for both buyers and sellers alike. Buyers locate the information they’re searching for, and sellers can then see what information they viewed—allowing the sales team to follow up with more of the content that can propel the buyer towards a purchasing decision. 

Increase Deal Velocity by Creating a Buyer-First Experience with Behavior Analytics

Any good sales team knows that approaching the deal with a buyer-first mentality is crucial to deal closure. With digital selling, the in-person, individual relationships that often create the buyer-first experience are gone. So how does one personalize the sales process? 

Each digital sales room is tailored to uniquely suit the buyer with all the tools and information they need to make a purchasing decision. Everything from the content within the DSR to the navigation and organization of that content can be edited and tailored to suit what the buyer wants. 

One of the biggest benefits of digital sales rooms is that they are capable of generating valuable buyer behavior data. With insights into everything the buyer interacts with inside the DSR, from what content they do and do not view to how long they view it, sales teams have a better understanding of the buyers’ wants and needs. Heightened transparency into the behavior of the buyer is key to sharing the information targeted to their needs and use case. If the sales representative notices the buyer spends more time on demo videos and less time on sales decks, this can inform which type of content the rep should follow up with. 

Data-driven decision-making saves time for both parties. The buyer and seller don’t have to go back and forth trying to determine what it is the buyer truly needs. The seller gains a deeper understanding of the buyer's use case and pain points, enabling them to quickly make an educated decision to share content that shortens the decision-making process and propels the buyer towards a final purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Leveraging digital sales rooms in a digital selling environment helps align both the sellers and buyers, streamlining the entire process and accelerating deal velocity. Sales representatives are empowered to provide the buyer with precisely what they’re looking for, leading to an easier purchasing decision and saving time for both parties. 

Want to accelerate your deal velocity with a digital sales room? Book a demo with us and see how DSRs will streamline your sales process. 

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