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Determining the Quantifiable ROI of Digital Sales Rooms: 7 Key Metrics

Understand how to calculate the ROI of digital sales rooms to see the direct boost it generates in sales performance.

A digital sales room (DSR) is the ultimate tool for digital sales success. DSRs offer a wide range of benefits for sales organizations, including:

  • Enhanced content sharing and management 
  • Simplified communication with all buyers in a single deal
  • The ability to garner data-driven insights into both sales performance and buyer behavior

Despite these benefits, obtaining leadership buy-in to adopt and implement new technology is often challenging. Therefore, it’s important to prove the value of digital sales rooms to upper management. Measuring the ROI of digital sales rooms can reveal just how much of an impact a DSR has on sales performance. Determining the metrics to measure and communicating your expectations for improvements in those particular metrics will help to underscore just how important sales enablement tech is in this digital age of sales. 

How a Digital Sales Room Boosts Sales Performance

A digital sales room allows reps to gain insights into the buyer’s wants and needs through every step of their journey. Through buyer behavioral data, reps are able to view exactly which content the buyer interacts with and gain insight into how long they interact with each piece. Sales reps can then use this information to better inform their decisions, allowing them to share the most relevant content tailored to address the buyer’s pain points earlier in the sales process. This moves the buyer through the sales pipeline faster, enabling the rep to speed up deal velocity. 

The ability to understand the buyer’s interests and pain points early on in the sales process makes the ROI of digital sales rooms that much greater. Understanding the buyer is one of the biggest keys to sales success, and a DSR provides unprecedented insights into the buyer’s activity for reps to leverage. 

Determining the ROI of Digital Sales Rooms 

Explaining the benefits of a digital sales room and how it positively impacts your sales strategy to upper management is just one piece of getting leadership buy-in. It’s important to prove the value of a DSR to leadership by showcasing the direct, concrete impacts it has on sales performance and overall revenue. So, how do you measure the ROI of digital sales rooms? 

By tracking a few key metrics post-DSR implementation, the impacts the technology has on sales performance can be visualized. There are in fact, seven vital metrics that demonstrate sales effectiveness and efficiency. When tracked, they demonstrate the ROI of digital sales rooms.

1. Closing Ratio
2. Average Deal Cycle Time
3. Customer Acquisition Cost
4. Lead-to-Close Ratio
5. Customer Lifetime Value
6. Overall Revenue
7. Up-selling and Cross-selling Rates

These metrics create a set of real, trackable data to communicate the ROI of digital sales rooms. Increasing or decreasing numbers — for instance, a higher closing ratio and lower customer acquisition cost — indicate that a DSR is helping the sales team communicate with buyers and close deals more effectively. 

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How to Measure and Assess the ROI of Digital Sales Rooms: 7 Key Metrics to Monitor and Track Success

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Final Thoughts

DSRs are designed to provide sales reps with all the tools they need for streamlined communication with buyers, from providing educational content to negotiating and closing deals. Measuring the ROI of digital sales rooms helps indicate how effective these tools are at helping reps to close deals and bring in high-value customers, leading to increased fulfillment all around. 

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