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10 essential reasons to use a digital sales room

Buyers are demanding personalized, unique, and hyper-relevant experiences. Digital Sales Rooms are an essential strategy to quickly and easily engage your buyers in a meaningful and rich way.

A digital sales room (DSR) is a software solution that gives buyers and sellers an online place to communicate, negotiate, and access the evaluation materials through the entire B2B buyer’s journey. 

Gone are the days of sending disparate URLs, multiple attachments and incongruent emails to communicate. Today’s buyer’s demand easy to access and valuable materials that empower informed decisions. As the sales landscape continues to take shape in our new normal, digital sales rooms are an essential strategy to consummerize enterprise sales motions. Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider using a virtual sales room to enhance your B2B sales process:

1. Give customers a personalized buying experience

Digital sales rooms create personalized buyer experiences. For example, personalized video greetings can address customers by name and discuss their specific pain points. It doesn’t stop at greeting messages. Sellers should only add relevant materials to ensure their buyers engage in the materials. Digital Sales Rooms track buyer engagement empowering sales to make data driven decisions on what to send whereas attachments lack any meaningful data. 

2. Keep prospects engaged

You can use digital sales rooms as a strategy to keep your prospects warm through longer sales process or as a tactic to re-engage cold prospects. For example, you can see if a prospect has read through an asset you’ve sent over. If not, you can follow up a day later to ask if they’ve gone over the document. 

3. Learn more about buyers

With digital sales rooms, you can see what content prospects are engaging with the most. For example, if they spend more time on the pricing page, they’re likely to be highly price-sensitive. 

4. Capture new contacts

Another advantage of a digital sales room is that it allows you to track shares and capture new contacts. Digital Sales Rooms should be integrated with LinkedIn so sellers know exactly who visited the room and what their role is within the company. 

So, if one of your main contacts shares one of your sales assets with another person, this puts you in touch with another prospect.

5. Align to your customer’s needs

Because digital sales rooms are adaptable, they can quickly align to a customer’s needs. That’s because they incorporate modern technology such as live demos you recorded for your prospects and short product vignettes that quickly educate buyers, on their terms. 

6. Build trust

Whether they’re a B2B buyer or B2C buyer, a prospect is more likely to reach a purchase decision with a seller they trust. 

Digital sales rooms give salespeople a chance to be present at all stages of the customer journey. This builds trust in the long term. 

7. Increase sales capacity

Digital sales rooms allow sellers to engage buyers with the right resources at the right time. As a result, sales teams can boost their productivity, which can lead to more deals.

8. Offer convenience

A digital sales room offers a central, secure location for prospects to engage with sellers and get the answers they seek without having to go on a scavenger hunt. 

9. Take better control of the sales process

Whether it’s curating content or gathering detailed insights, digital sales rooms allow sales reps to close deals more quickly and efficiently. Sales rooms streamline the buying process and put your competition in the dust. 

10. Foster a connection through communication

Digital sales rooms make it easier for you to connect with interested buyers quickly and effectively. This helps build and maintain a strong connection.

Digital sales rooms are a key component of digital selling. They create a unique and personalized buying experience, which makes for a more informed, engaged buyer. 

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