Capture, Approve, and Share Customer References. Effortlessly.

Get text, audio, and video customer testimonials anywhere, anytime from an online portal

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Keep Deals on Track

Deliver authentic customer testimonials on-demand without the hassle of scheduling reference calls
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Reduce Customer Reference Fatigue

Lower the number of customer asks with a pre-recorded library of testimonials
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Scale Your Customer Advocacy Program

Easily capture, manage, and curate text, audio, or video customer testimonials
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Get Insights into Buyer Engagement

Evaluate buyer views, engagement, and influence of client testimonials on sales deals

Customer Testimonials Are
Now a Snap

With Enable Us Customer References software, your customers simply record text, audio, or video testimonials that highlight your key differentiators and benefits. Effortlessly review, approve, and manage client testimonials aligned to your sales process and buyer personas. With a single, evergreen link, share and track buyer views, engagement, and influence on your deal cycle.

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Buying Experiences that Buyers Love

The Enable Us Digital Sales Room solution empowers sales to deliver digital buying experiences that engage buyers and get deals done faster. Your sales accesses in-depth buyer analytics to better identify, prioritize, and accelerate truly engaged sales opportunities.


Key Features of Enable Us Customer Reference

Request and Record Customer Testimonials

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Easily build your customer reference library in three easy steps - select from a list of pre-approved questions, add customer advocates, and send the request. 

Customers can record testimonials anywhere, anytime, with friendly reminders to nudge outstanding requests.

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Build Rooms Quickly from Templates

Build room templates from scratch or turn a high-performing room into a template. Select from several layouts to design multiple templates tailored to the sales cycle, audience, industry, use case, and more.

Customize rooms to reflect your brand colors and messaging, such as a vanity URL, default banners, brand colors and fonts, icons, and more. Your sales team then selects the right template, adds some finishing touches, and shares them to prospects. It’s that easy.

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Review and Approve All Customer References

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Before publishing customer testimonials, review, approve and categorize customer testimonials based on your stage, industry, persona, and more.

With a robust customer testimonial library, your sales team can quickly discover and share the right references tailored to your prospect’s needs.

Easily Share Client Testimonials

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Quickly discover the right customer references tailored to your prospect’s industry, stage, and more. Share customer stories in a digital sales room or via a single evergreen link.

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Share with a Single Link

Create and share a room link with your prospects and customers. No matter how often you update your digital sales room, these links remain evergreen. Your prospects and customers can easily find content and recording and bring new stakeholders up to speed.

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Track and Measure Your Customer Advocacy Program

Get visibility into buyer behavior, such as shares, views, and attributed deal value, to evaluate the impact of your customer testimonials with prospects and on the deal cycle.

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Excellent Sales Acceleration and Reference Management Tool

“The reference management portion allows us to capture reference testimonials via video, audio, or text and deliver those to prospects on-demand without the risk of over-using our key references. Overall, I've been super happy utilizing the tool.”
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