Why Should Marketers Care About Digital Sales Rooms? Here are the Benefits

The name “digital sales rooms” may imply that the tech was only designed for sales, but DSRs provide no shortage of benefits for marketing.

The name “digital sales room” implies that this software is created solely for sales teams. And while a digital sales room (DSR) is a tool for the sales team, marketing teams can experience multiple benefits from having DSRs as part of their tech stack. Often, marketers spend hours creating content for sales, yet have no visibility if this content advances the buyer through the pipeline. Between inefficient content management and minimal visibility into sales operations, determining the right content to support or enable sales can be difficult. 

This is where digital sales rooms excel: with data and behavioral insights, marketing can easily access and understand just how well their content performs with buyers. Plus, the platform allows for enhanced content management and effective communication between the sales and marketing teams. The truth is, digital sales rooms may be a tool for sales, but the benefits reach far beyond the sales team. Let’s dive into the top benefits of DSRs and uncover why marketers love them.

Benefits of Digital Sales Rooms for Marketers

Tracking Buyer Engagement

Digital sales rooms allow both marketing and sales to track prospects’ engagement. Each time a buyer interacts with content in the DSR, buyer behavioral data is captured. This data shows exactly what the buyer does and does not interact with, and precisely how long they look at it. 

There’s a reason that companies who utilize buyer behavioral data outperform peers by 85% — marketers can hone in on what content positively influences the most deals. This allows them to make data-driven decisions about what marketing content resonates most with their buyers. Often, marketers aren’t sure how the sales enablement content they create is being used, or if it’s being used as originally intended. The data created by a DSR allows the marketing team to be more involved in how the content should be used to maximize its purpose and potential. Tracking buyer engagement also allows both teams to understand how well the content is resonating with buyers. 

Marketing and Sales Alignment 

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial to success. Marketing should understand sales goals from target audiences to the desired revenue targets and more. When sales and marketing are aligned, it can lead to 38% higher win rates. 

Marketing can receive feedback from both sales and buyers through data captured in the DSR. This gives the marketing team transparency into what content the sales team actually uses and needs. Based on the real-time insights of views, shares, and engagement levels with the DSR content, sales will begin noticing trends. For example, buyer engagement insights can indicate that including a product comparison sheet in a DSR tends to result in lost deals to a competitor. Upon aligning and collaborating with sales, marketing can review and update the product comparison sheet to more positively position their offering. Based on these data-driven insights, marketing can create and improve content to help sales become more competitive and close more deals. 

Integrations with Other Marketing Tools

Digital sales rooms integrate with the marketing tech stack — can easily integrate with tools the marketing team uses daily, like HubSpot, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. The information and data provided by the DSR seamlessly flow into the key marketing tools, helping marketing not only get the most out of the DSR, but also their existing workflow. For instance, buyer behavioral data from the DSR is synced to contact and lead data in the CRM. Marketing can analyze which content assets help support, and potentially accelerate, the sales and buying cycle. 

Final Thoughts

Digital sales rooms are not just for sales. The tools, integrations, and data available through a DSR empowers marketers to create even better sales enablement content, understand the buyer’s journey, and ultimately impact revenue generation goals in alignment with sales.

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