Enable Us is redefining B2B buying experiences for sellers, buyers and customers

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Our Story

Several of our founders, Andrey Balanos, Jinal Jhaveri, Galen Li, and Adam Pearson, and the executive team have built, sold, and worked at several high-growth, venture-backed companies like SchoolMint (acquired by private equity), Glimpse K12, The Climate Corporation, PowerSchool (public company), Learning Earnings, Seismic, and Huli. At each organization, we encountered the challenges of B2B selling - outdated content, juggling amongst 5-10 buyer influencers, and struggling to get customer references. Traditional sales enablement was built for sellers and not buyers.

In 2019, Enable Us was founded to redesign the B2B sales process, incubating the company at YCombinator.

Our Vision: To redefine the B2B buying experience for sellers, buyers and customers. In a word -more Delightful.

And that’s what we’ve created - the most versatile buyer-centric enablement platform built to make the buying experience more efficient, transparent and personal. 

Our Leadership Team

Jinal Jhaveri of Enable Us

Jinal Jhaveri

Ceo & founder
Adam Pearson of Enable Us

Adam Pearson

co-founder, Sales
Lynn Pietryga

Lynn Pietryga

Head of Customer Success
Andrey Bolanos

Andrey Bolaños

co-founder, cto
Galen Li

Galen Li

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
Emily Frary

Emily Frary

Head of HR
Cece Lee

Cece Lee

head of Marketing

Our Investors

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Jennifer Carollan
The New Normal Fund
Sandy Kory
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Advisory Board

Lauri Jacobson Jones

Laurie Jacobson Jones

CUSTOMER success
Jorge Soto

Jorge Soto

Kyel Coleman

Kyle Coleman

Bryan Landaburu

Bryan Landaburu

Drew Hultgren

Drew Hultgren

Sales Enablement
propeller aero
Tim Waldron

Tim Waldron

Sales & Marketing
Craig Jordan

Craig Jordan

Sales & Marketing
Kyle Bastien

Kyle Bastien

Sales Enablement
James Kaikis

James Kaikis

presales collective
Michael Walker

Michael Walker

sales enablement
“Working with Enable Us has been awesome. They’re a great company with a great platform and the right product. They have been responsive with our requests and quickly turned them around. They’re doing it the right way and hitting all the marks.”
Josh Richards headshot

Josh Richards

Director of Marketing
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“Multiple people across the deal room can add, edit and share content, which allows our entire selling team to remain on the same page during the prospect's journey. Our team can also easily add videos and content. This has improved the agility and collaboration of the sales team. We’re much more like a scalpel rather than a Swiss army knife. We’re being very precise in how we engage with our prospects using Enable Us.”
Drew Hultgren headshot

Drew Hultgren

Senior Manager of Revenue Operations
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We're really personalizing everything that is possible to be personalized. We have a place now with Enable Us to put all of that content... I've heard directly from buyers that the level of organization that a deal room provides makes the buying experience a lot more delightful for them.  It's much more easy for them to understand what's going to happen next, and to communicate with the sellers. This level of professionalism that we pass on to our buyer makes us look really good as an organization to utilize a tool like this."
Matt Coats headshot

Matt Coats

Director of Enterprise Solutions
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